70 Best New Year Resolution Ideas – Let 2024 Be The Change

70 Best New Year Resolution Ideas

At the beginning of each new year, many of us take up some new resolutions for ourselves. Very often it happens that in spite of taking up new year resolutions, we forget to fulfill them – then all of our efforts go to waste. Sometimes we set up unrealistic goals and have unreasonable expectations for ourselves and end up blaming ourselves when we are not able to live up to those expectations. We have a simple yet effective solution for you when it comes to setting up New Year resolutions. With the upcoming new year right around the corner, we bring to you 70 New Year resolution ideas that are absolutely realistic and easily doable!

If you have been looking for some quirky New Year resolutions, here are the best New Year resolution ideas for 2024.

Why do New Year’s resolutions fail?

Many of us set up numerous New Year resolutions to stick to at the beginning of each year but fail to follow up and are unable to maintain the resolutions that we have set up for ourselves. Why do New Year resolutions fail in the first place? New Year resolutions fail because we often set up unrealistic expectations for ourselves in the form of New Year resolutions with absolutely unrealistic benchmarks. This is the reason why despite setting up new year resolutions earnestly with the best intentions in mind, we fail to succeed.

Setting up new year resolutions is important, but following them is even more important. Our new year resolution idea for work, and your domestic life, will surely bring about a long-lasting positive change in your complete lifestyle as a whole and benefit you in the long run.

4 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

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No one wants to break their New Year resolutions because everybody sets up New Year resolutions with the main aim of bringing about a significant positive change in their lives. How can you set up New Year resolutions and follow them successfully as well?

Here are 4 Tips to help you keep your New Year’s resolution:

  • Go for realistic resolutions: This year, try to make a marked change by setting up new year resolutions that are realistic and can be followed easily.
  • Stay focused: A New Year resolution will take a certain amount of concentration, dedication, and focus on your part to follow effectively.
  • Remember what counts as a deal-breaker for the resolution: Very often it might happen that we unknowingly break our New Year resolution because of something that we do. Most often, it happens if our resolution is something that remotely involves a diet plan and we have food that is a strict no-no for us.
  • Learn when to relax: Being too particular and strict about following your New Year resolution will just end up backfiring, so learn to relax at times too.

Now let us bring to you the 70 best New Year resolution ideas!

New Year Resolution Ideas List 2024

1. Write down your goals: It has been rightly said, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Nothing can be a better start for a new year’s resolution than writing down your goals, preferably using a pen on paper and keeping it someplace where it is easily visible to you.

2. Pursue your passions: When you are passionate about something, you can do it with great ease, without feeling overburdened. You can even turn your passion/hobby into your job, with the right opportunities and resources with you.

3. Focus on your mental health: Mental health remains one of the most overlooked areas in our lives because we are so obsessed with materialistic success. If you are facing issues with your mental health, make sure that you don’t ignore it and take the requisite steps to address it.

4. Try being fit instead of being slim: One of the most popular New Year resolutions remains “Weight loss” or “Getting the desired slim figure” by cutting down on essential nutrients in day-to-day lives, which will only prove to be detrimental to your health and will not benefit you in any way in the long run. Try to be a physically fit individual instead of focusing on getting the desired waist size or abs, for that matter.

5. Work out to feel good about yourself: Working out regularly is good for complete physical and mental well-being. Make working out a habit that you cannot live without.

6. Try free-hand exercise at home: If you are unable to work out at the gym due to unavoidable circumstances, try out some free-hand exercise at home itself, for at least thirty minutes per day. Some amount of physical exercise is necessary to keep yourself fit and healthy.

7. Stop gossiping about other people: Backbitching and gossiping about other people is merely a waste of time and energy and you should certainly refrain from this practice because some people might be gossiping about you as well.

8. Give compliments to other people: When you appreciate other people, you are more likely to receive appreciation for yourself as well. You do not have to give grand compliments, you can start with small ones for people in your day-to-day lives.

9. Be kind to everyone: It is a harsh world out there. Remember to be kind to everyone, including yourself.

10. Read books regularly: Reading new books enriches you as a human being and provides you with new insights on a wide diversity of topics.

11. Turn off all gadgets when you go to sleep: You don’t need gadgets while you are asleep anyway. Stop notifications from different apps on your phone from disturbing your sleep schedule – simply switch them off!

12. Travel someplace new: Traveling is so underrated, that many of us fail to realize the importance of traveling in our lives. Traveling provides us a much-needed break from mundane, monotonous everyday activities and often provides us with a new perspective on everything.

13. Travel solo: Travel solo will provide you with a sense of being self-reliant and less dependent on others for your needs. If you usually travel in a group with family or friends, try traveling solo somewhere for a change. You will surely love it!

14. Declutter your workspace: It is so important to have a workspace that is not untidy or cluttered – only then you can focus completely on your work, giving 100% effort from your side. Take time out to declutter your workspace from time to time to ensure that you are more productive.

15. Reduce the amount of waste you produce: Focus on using reusable, recyclable, and renewable materials – refuse the usage of plastics. This way, you will be able to successfully cut down on the amount of waste you produce.

16. Start doing volunteer work somewhere: Volunteering in an orphanage, old age home, or an NGO when you have some time to spare will give you one of the best feelings in the world and will open up a whole new horizon for you as an individual who wants to actively contribute to the society that they are part of.

17. Practice being grateful: The art of gratitude is absolutely an essential art to master if you want to master the greater art – that is, the art of living. Be grateful for all that you have in your life so far and thank God or the higher powers (as per your belief).

18. Maintain a gratitude journal and update it daily: Maintaining a gratitude journal is simply an extension of being grateful for everything that you have received in your life. Be grateful and mindful in words as well as actions and do not forget to update your gratitude journal every night.

19. Stay hydrated: Most of us forget to do the very basic task needed to survive – drink a sufficient amount of water. Lack of hydration can give rise to several health issues. So, make sure that you drink enough water at regular intervals!

20. Eat healthy food: We often get a carb overload in the present era of Chinese and fast food. Do not fall into the trap of a fast-paced lifestyle which will lead you to poor diet choices. Include enough proteins, vitamins, minerals as well as roughage in your diet and not just starch.

21. Start saving money: Stop wasting money on unnecessary things that you don’t need. Start saving money for emergency requirements in the family and also invest money in reliable sources if possible.

22. Connect with friends more: Check up on friends with whom you haven’t hung out in a long time, and make plans for an outing together sometime soon. Surprise them with a voice call or FaceTime them instead of texting them.

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23. Maintain a personal diary/journal: Maintain a personal diary or journal where you can write down how your day went or anything that comes to your mind, for that matter. Make sure it remains private, though!

24. Clean out your car: Cleaning your car is as important as cleaning your room, more so if you love road giants. Throw out all the items from the car that you no longer require.

New Year Resolution Ideas
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25. Cut down on the usage of social media: Millenials spend a lot of time on social media, which distracts them from their daily activities and work and also impacts the quality of work done. Cut down on the excessive usage of social media. Stop comparing your life with those people whom you come across on social media.

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26. Let go of grudges: Nothing can be more harmful to our health than holding grudges on people for the wrongs that they have done to us. It does not impact them, it impacts the grudgeholder. Let go of all grudges from your mind this year and set yourself free.

27. Try new cuisine: Go to new restaurants and try cuisine from different geographical areas. Explore new tastes and flavors frequently!

28. Take up new skills: We learn and grow as long as we are alive. Let this year be the one in which you enrich your knowledge by taking up new skills.

29. Learn a new language: Learn a new language this year. If you and your partner belong to different geographical backgrounds and ethnicities, you can try learning your partner’s native language – they will find it a sweet gesture on your part.

30. Pet an animal: Pet an animal of your choice. Spending time with animals can indeed be a very therapeutic process.

31. Grow some plants: If you have a green thumb, grow some plants in your home. You will surely reap the benefits of it.

32. Practice cooking for yourself: One of the best ways to be self-reliant is to cook for yourself. Cooking is one of the must-have skills when you are living on your own. Take time out to practice cooking from scratch and you will get better at it even before you know it!

33. Start sending handwritten notes and letters to your near and dear ones: In the days of digital communication, go the old school way and send personalized handwritten notes and letters to your friends and family – they will surely appreciate this initiative from your end.

34. Donate old and unused clothes: Let go of things that you don’t need anymore – hoarding a lot of old and unused clothes won’t do you any good. Give these items away to charity.

35. Be a more responsible individual: The older you grow, the more mature and responsible you become as an individual. This year, take small steps to be mindful of your actions and be a more responsible person.

36. Spend time with people who give you positive vibes: It’s indeed a blessing to spend time with people who are your well-wishers and whom you can rely on. Cherish your bond with these individuals.

37. Get over your ex: If you haven’t been able to let go of your ex in a long time now, remember, it is the start of a new year. It has been enough time already. Get over the person now.

38. Let go of negative people: Trust your gut instinct. If you feel that a particular individual does not have your best interest in mind and is definitely not a well-wisher, steer clear of them.

39. Meet some new people: Meet new people online or at your workplace and try to interact and connect with them. The more people you meet, the more you learn.

40. Find your significant other: If you are single, try to find a partner this year and get to know them by spending some quality time together.

41. Focus on having a decent sex life: Intimacy is important for a relationship to work out. Make sure that you and your partner have good sex and love spending time in each other’s company.

42. Go for a doctor’s check-up from time to time: Your physical and mental well-being should be your biggest concern if you are facing any kind of health issue. Make sure that you visit the doctor for a check-up from time to time and take the necessary actions for the betterment of your health.

43. Try new makeup: Try out new makeup, love yourself, and make yourself look good.

44. Start using sunscreen: When you are going out, make sure that you apply some sunscreen to protect your skin. Self-care is always good practice.

45. Change your hairstyle to something completely new: The best way to let everyone know that you want to change your life for the better would be to start with a change in your hairstyle.

46. Dress up in a new avatar: Dress up in brand new clothes and jewelry as a completely new avatar and leave people awestruck!

47. Overcome what you fear: Overcoming what you are scared of would be great progress on your part – take some time out to work on the same.

48. Make your own bed: Stop relying on family members to clean your room and make your bed for you – do these mundane tasks yourself.

49. Try guided meditation and yoga: Try to achieve a sense of complete calmness and relaxation by practicing guided meditation and yoga regularly. It will benefit you, especially when you have hectic work schedules and strict deadlines to follow up with.

50. Spend more time with your family: With work pressure kicking in, we often forget to spend time with the people who are closest to us – our family members. Let this year change that – spend some quality time with family members whenever you get the opportunity.

51. Collect new information every day: Browse YouTube channels and news and collect new information about different walks of life.

52. Check your inbox regularly: You may have received important emails earlier and missed them – start the practice of checking your inbox regularly so that you do not miss urgent emails anymore.

53. Stop procrastinating: Ever since our school days, the habit of procrastinating has dragged us further behind in life. Let that change at the beginning of this year. Do the things that need to get done, as early as possible.

54. Stop being late for work: Get ready for work half an hour early and avoid being late for work again. The habit of being on time at work will give others a good impression of you.

55. Improve your concentration: Read self-help books, practice meditation, and try out other techniques as well in order to improve your concentration. It will make you more productive at work and increase your output greatly.

56. Become more self-reliant: Once you start living independently, you have to depend mostly on yourself, so it makes sense to be more self-reliant.

57. Develop confidence: Confidence is a must even in the smallest of tasks that you do. If you are confident in your abilities, you can make a huge change happen.

58. Indulge in arts and crafts: Even if you are not a born artist or painter, partaking in arts and crafts-related activities will certainly enable you to have a view of a whole new world altogether and broaden your horizons.

59. Be more creative in your thoughts: Problem-solvers can be both – creative and analytical. Let go of thinking within a limited span and be creative in your approach.

60. Become more supportive as a friend: Very often, we fail to extend our support to friends who are going through a hard time. Try to be as much support as you can to your friends who need you – they are the ones who got your back as well.

61. Remember important dates: Keep a diary marking all the important dates in your life at the beginning of the year – let your resolution this year be to remember the important dates!

62. Learn to be a good listener: Talk less, and listen more in order to acquire more knowledge and perspective on matters.

63. Learn the techniques to defend yourself: It is important to know the techniques of self-defense when it comes to physical attacks, but remember not to back down and also be diplomatic whenever required in case of a verbal encounter with someone.

64. Clear your debts, if any: If you have any debts from the past year(s), let this year be the one in which you clear out your debts and let go of the financial burden from your head.

65. Let go of addictions to substances: Substance abuse like cigarettes or alcohol will not bring you anything good – instead, it will harm your overall health and well-being. Let go of addictions to such substances.

66. Cut down on screen time: Cut down on the time you spend in front of screens every day and rest your eyes. This is also great for your mental health.

67. Practice healthy habits: Take up doing healthy things and make them a habit. Practicing healthy habits will prove to be beneficial to you in the long run.

68. Learn to stress less: Worrying about things that are out of your control will not do you any good. Learn to cut out excessive stress from your life by partaking in activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

69. Sleep well: Do not compromise with your sleep schedule for the sake of your work. Sleep well and remain blessed with a healthy life.

70. Be happy with what you have: Be happy and contented with all that you have got, know that you are better off than many others on this planet. Being grateful will certainly be a step forward in the direction of being happy.

Making positive changes in your lifestyle and thoughts will certainly bring long-lasting improvement in your life and make you grow as a human being. We have listed only a handful of the ways to make those positive changes in your life. Take the opportunity to implement those ways as new year resolutions in this new year, and soon enough, you will find yourself transformed as a new person.


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70 Best New Year Resolution Ideas