10 Important Signs of Burnout and Preventions that you need to know

10 Important Signs of Burnout and Preventions that you need to know

“Dear Stress, I would like a divorce. Please understand it is not you, it is me.”
― Thomas E. Rojo Aubrey

Very often, we think about taking a break from the hectic schedule. The idea of a vacation, holiday, or just a road trip relaxes us. We start to resort to things that are unnecessary and idiotic. We feel restless and preoccupied with work, even when not at work. No, you’re not getting crazy either. These are just signs of stressful occupational burnout.

Today we are here to discuss this growing issue among the workaholic people.

How to understand if you are burned out?

The following are the most probable signs of occupational burnout:

1. Workload kills you:

The human mind is capable of holding so much TB of data. But there’s a limit to everything. Too much work increases stress and finally induces burning out issues. Tackling a large amount of work in the office and home requires great effort and balance. Sometimes we lose control over everything and just let ourselves get stuck under the workload, which is highly unbearable.

2. Getting exhausted from day-to-day work:

You would mostly feel tired and want to sleep rather than work during office hours. Rising intolerance is the most basic sign of burnout. Being rough to everyone and temper conditions makes you the very ‘unsocial’ person in your work.

3. Negative thoughts surround you:

The thought of going to work everyday ignites you. You might feel negative and cynical about your way of living, work conditions, your managers, and even your colleagues.

4. Getting hard to find motivation in work:

Nothing, literally nothing is helping you motivate yourself to do the work. It makes you feel that It’s all because of the money that you’re working for. Work starts to feel more like a burden than a part of your life.

5. Finding everything distasteful in work:

This seems obvious. As you no longer love your work, you find it hard to perform. You sometimes even think of leaving the work platform in hope of peace, but even that doesn’t comfort anything.

6. Lack of confidence:

The works that you were so great at, are now finding a way out of you. Confidence gets lost day-by-day and you start disbelieving in the very cause that advanced you to that particular work.

7. Interpersonal problems at work as well as at home:

After such an impactful tedious day of work when we return home, we most likely start pouring out our anger and discomfort to our family members. This again disrupts the home environment. You find it hard to balance them and fail miserably.

8. Becoming careless and rude about yourself:

You stop caring about yourself because you don’t feel the need. All your challenges gradually start from here. You are most likely to find yourself in a hopeless situation. Being rough and rude with people might comfort you momentarily but no sooner you will be the one feeling the guilt.

9. Fading self-esteem:

Due to a lack of self-confidence and self-care, your self-esteem would slowly fade. It would be hard to deal with problems and coming up with solutions would be futile.
Health problems: The thing that you can’t run away is your health. Increasing stress at work leads to nausea, insomnia, heart problems, blood pressure fluctuations, anemia, unable to eat properly, digestive problems, and many more.

But when there’s a will, there’s hope.

We have got you ways to prevent further burnout problems and hopefully, you can find peace at your workplace.

Try to follow and maintain the following ‘5 golden rules’ to say goodbye to your problems.

1. Exercise and meditate every day before work:

The early saints used to believe in exercises and meditations that helped them heal most of their stress and doubtful thoughts. Exercises not only help in proper blood circulation but also in relaxing muscles and allow inflow of good thoughts and help us increase healthy cell formation which adds to overall good health.

2. Eating a balanced diet is very crucial:

Not only exercises but also having a proper meal is important. Your body should have the proper elements that are needed for the healing process. Taking in rich omega 3 fatty acids is good, as it contains antidepressant values.

3. Practicing good sleep habits:

Sleep is a key factor when it comes to emotional and physical health. Get proper sleep hours of 7 to 9 hours. Stop taking pills unnecessarily and try to get a natural sleep and a fixed time for a healthy mind and body.

4. Get more social:

No medicines can be of better help than interacting with the right people. Stay away from negative people as far as possible. Increase your circle of positive people every day. You would get lots of motivation for your work and home management. Being social opens up new ways to explore oneself. Invest in a hangout with friends, help them grow and develop yourself too.

5. Consult an Expert or a person with whom you can share your thoughts:

A psychiatrist, An adult, or a good friend would be of good help. Discuss your problems and they would surely suggest some good tips that would eventually work for you.

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10 Important Signs of Burnout and Preventions that you need to know