6 Practical Ways To Stop Making Excuses And Achieve Your Goals

6 Practical Ways To Stop Making Excuses And Achieve Your Goals

Living your life filled with excuses is detrimental to your personal development and quite frankly doesn’t leave a good first impression of you on the people. Excuses are an integral part of our lives whether we want to admit it or not. By making excuses you are trying to justify your actions based on seemingly rational or logical explanations that are meant to hide the truth. These explanations of our actions are made to be consciously tolerable or even noble in a plausible manner. When you are in the process of making excuses it can either occur when you’re fully conscious of making it or when you are unconscious and simply presenting to block against internal feelings of guilt or shame.

Empowering yourself with irrational actions and justifying them can only lead to a slippery slope where your life is filled with mediocrity and shallowness. It’s time to start cutting down on it.

Here are 6 tips to stop making excuses and make a method for living the life you want.

1. Understand the root problem of why you’re making excuses

Informal fallacies are the very definition of excuses that we portray in our everyday lives. Take time to digest if this happens. Inhale and count to three once you realize something is amiss together with your actions. You don’t need to provide a reason for your actions immediately but take a minimum of time to digest what’s happening within yourself.

2. Be responsible for your actions and mistakes

You’ll begin to understand that with the absence of excuses come the facility of responsibility and with power comes control, control of your environment, control of your life, and control of your future success. Your actions and essence can only end in one among two things towards your intended goals, success or failure. the earlier you accept this fact the earlier you’ll start taking responsibility for your actions and you’ll realize that the justifications stopped coming. Ask this often, is this genuinely the reason for my actions? Or could I even have anticipated or done something to stop this? The foremost important thing is that you’re simply making an excuse due to a scarcity of a particular attribute. Do something to repair it and learn from your mistakes.

3. Expect the unexpected

We all have encountered a time where we couldn’t expect anything to get even worse than the current situation already is. Yet magically something came up at the eleventh hour that destroyed the situation. Well sorry to say welcome to the real world instead of making excuses after the event went on you can make preparations for the challenges ahead. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy to us so start anticipating the longer term and specialize in your goals.

Have a full checklist of things you’re required to do to achieve a selected goal along with a contingency plan.

4. Don’t compare with others

Don’t make excuses of “not being good enough” just because you are feeling such as you don’t qualify for someone else’s achievements. Remember, the sole person you ought to compare yourself to is you! Never compare and end up being specialized in your best self. You’re a unique individual then is your journey. Making excuses by comparing is equal to abandoning your life before you’ve even begun, all you can do is do what you can.

5. Stop blaming others

You are blaming others because it’s just a happy place to think about. It means that you’re not ready to take the burden on yourself and complete your responsibility. Think like “I could do something to solve this”.Don’t make excuses by blaming others and hold you back. Stop making excuses and try to develop accountability and create a change in your life.

When you realize everything’s your fault, you will get good out of everything.

6. Destroy bad habits and build good habits

Habits are critical because you have habits that you have mapped out that you want to do purposeful things. Unfortunately, most of your habits are done automatically. The habits you’ve got aren’t serving you alright but they become so ingrained in what you are doing every single day and you tend to seek out it’s very hard to interrupt free. And when you do want to break free of them, even though it’s not serving you, you don’t want to do it. Because you don’t have accountability. Accountability builds integrity whereas excuses build weaknesses.

Another reason for not being able to follow good habits consistently is because you develop unrealistic fantasies about the habit. These fantasies aren’t true, hold on to the habits loosely instead of an approach of curiosity.

Develop habits that serve you, habits that will help you be more resilient.
Building good habits in place of your bad habits will make the process for creating lasting change in your life.

The problem with finding excuses is that this bad habit can hold you back, which suggests that you simply may never reach your financial or life goals. By making excuses, you’re abandoning your life before you’ve even begun. Fight the fear in your life, understand your true feelings and be responsible for your actions before you know it you’ll be making sound judgment calls with full control of your life.

Stop Making Excuses and start working

Let us know in the comment section what are the excuses you’ve been making to justify your actions and share how you acknowledged them?


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6 Practical Ways To Stop Making Excuses And Achieve Your Goals