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10 Reasons why Being Too Nice Can Be Harmful For You

10 Reasons why Being Too Nice Can Be Harmful For You

Being too nice sometimes pays off in the hard way. 

Do believe that people in this world are, as gentle and positive as you are? Then it’s high time for you to modify your thoughts and read the other side of the big story.

This world is gradually becoming a dark place where kindness and positivity are rarely seen. Yes, that’s very unfortunate!

Yet we may get to see many nice people out there who try to take outshine that darkness. It’s an admirable quality of any person. Sadly, the world is turning out to be negative and selfish today. People are concerned about themselves and not their fellow men.

A kind person who does not have solid shells to shelter behind is going to find themselves worse off.

Now this does not mean that you should stop being nice if you are, or that you shouldn’t be nice in the very first place. It is just that you have to know when to close the door on a negative situation that might harm you.

Humanity should be seen for the paradox that it is – kind and cruel, compassionate and cold, charitable and selfish. So if you learn to balance these facets of human condition, only then will you be able to survive and live in a healthy manner.

Being too nice can actively damage one’s life, but an understanding of the challenges that comes in the path can keep one from being mistreated while one tries to put something positive into the world.

So, what is being too nice not always a good thing? 

Here’s bringing you 10 reasons being too nice can be harmful for you:

1. People will try to take undue advantage of you.

 A nice person can be like a cool breeze in the right circumstances. However, in the wrong circumstances, they can attract negative attention from people.

Being nice can be a barrier in competitive environments like the workplace and business, particularly if you start thinking that the person on the other side will treat you with just the exact amount of respect.

People who are looking for an edge will often grind nice people, because nice often coincides with being soft, especially if you’re living in an environment where nice does not really coincide with the normal way of conduct.

You can of course avoid such situation by knowing your environment and ensuring that your boundaries are solid. It’s absolutely fine to be well-mannered, polite, and professional so long as you can ensure that all your interests are secured.


2. People may not respect you or your boundaries.

 People will quite often test your boundaries by pushing to see how much they can make their way into your space until you finally decide to push them back to prevent being mistreated.

Quite often, you will hear from them that you had actually misunderstood them and that, they didn’t mean it the way that they presented it or like they were just joking.

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