8 Things A Narcissist Cannot Do For Anyone

things narcissists cannot do

Have you ever been in any kind of a relationship with a narcissist? Either romantically or because he/she belongs to your family? If not then consider yourself very fortunate!

Narcissism is one of the most noxious personality features a person has which can contribute to heavy damage of people around them. They are self-centered beings whose lives revolve around their own needs and wants, how much other people love them and how best to exploit other people to get them their own way.

Here are 8 instances of things that narcissists are incapable of doing for you or for anyone.

1. Empathize with you

Narcissists are the ones who will wound and destroy the lives of those closest to them more than the latter could ever imagine in their nightmares and they won’t even feel sorry about this- now that’s the most unfortunate part. They can’t.

They’re literally incapable of giving a damn about the immense pain they’re causing to their “supposed loved ones”. So until and unless those close to them distance themselves completely, the cycle of pain and assault will continue for the rest of the life.

However, those who choose to stay might get habituated with the fact that they’re not supposed to express their own emotions. They have to walk on the cliff edge to keep the narcissist happy, thereby abstaining from attacking them anyhow.

So if you ever gather all your courage to say that they hurt you, they’ll turn around and make you feel like as if you are the culprit and that you are the one who is upsetting them by saying so.

2. Be interested in your problems:

Yes, these self-loving people are seriously not concerned about our problems. Telling them about things which are bothering you in your personal life will be undoubtedly ignored and they’ll immediately assault you verbally about all the crappy things they’re dealing with. Your problems will sound boring to them and you will always feel that you are talking to the walls of your room.

If the subject doesn’t involve them or revolve around them, do you really think that they will be interested about the conversation? NO, NEVER. He/She isn’t a person you can go to for getting any sort of comfort or reassurance about anything. 

For instance- Are you worried about any health crisis? Then you will find them talking about a slight scratch (they got) which is very painful and so much worse than anything you’re dealing with. 

Everything should be about them all the time– so if you’re going to socialize with them at all, you might as well get used to that.

3. Make an apology:

If you ever try to corner a narcissist and force them to admit that they did a blunder towards you; don’t dare to expect that these people will apologize. Their very first reaction will be like trying to make you believe that you’re crazy or remembering things wrong i.e. complaining about your poor memory– this will be said just to brush away all the blames from their shoulders. 

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Get out of your head. it’s the worst place to be.

Get out of your head. it’s the worst place to be.

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