11 Benefits Of Reading Every Day

11 Benefits Of Reading Every Day

Reading is a habit that grows on us – this is a practice that brings with it numerous benefits. Are you someone who reads regularly? If you are one of those people who do not read regularly, let me tell you, you are missing out on a lot. Why should you inculcate the habit of reading in the first place? Reading books on a wide variety of topics not only provides you with new information but also enriches you as a human being.

How can you inculcate a good reading habit? Here are tips to build a good reading habit:
  • Make a reading list: Shortlist all of those books that you want to read and make a reading list. You can always refer to this reading list for reference.
  • Start with short stories: Short stories take relatively lesser time to complete – start developing your reading habits by reading short stories (either individually or a collection of short stories).
  • Read every day: Gradually over time, grow a practice of reading every day – it will make you stick to your schedule and completely new books, one after another.
  • Choose your favorite genre and pick books on the topics: Choose the genre(s) that you like most and pick books on those genres – if you like a particular topic, you will quite naturally feel more eager to read books on that topic.
  • Must-have books with you while traveling: Make the habit of keeping books with you mandatorily while you are traveling – forming this habit will be surely beneficial for you in the long run because you will never be lonely again while traveling for long distances or traveling someplace alone because you always have your books with you.
  • Choose a quiet place to read: Make sure that you read without any disturbances or distractions in your surroundings – choose a preferably quiet place to read where no one bothers you and you are able to concentrate fully.
  • Select a specific time for reading: Stick to a particular routine where you have a specific time allotted for everything – choose a specific time for reading as well.
  • Keep a reading journal/blog: After reading a book, you may feel the need to write down your thoughts on the same. You can maintain a reading journal/blog where you can write book reviews and recommendations as well.
  • Get some reading partners: There are top websites like Goodreads where you can maintain a collection of all the books you have read in the span of a year and also get some reading partners with whom you can compare notes.

Benefits of reading every day:

1. Reading boosts your knowledge:

When you read any book, regardless of whatever topic it might be, you gain a considerable amount of insight on that topic and that field. Reading is an activity that definitely boosts your knowledge and enhances your perspective on different things in life.

2. Reading increases your vocabulary:

Whenever you read something – an article, a poem, or even a paragraph in a book, a newspaper, or a blog – you come across some new words and usually Google their meanings. Most of the time you read, you get to learn new words and jargon – it is, therefore, a proven fact that reading increases your vocabulary.

3. Reading improves your memory:

When you read regularly, you will find that you are able to recall things in a much better way in a good amount of time. Reading improves your memory in the long run and is immensely beneficial for the human brain.

4. Reading reduces your stress levels significantly:

If you have been feeling overly stressed in your life and want a way out of this situation, reading is the best solution for you. As you start reading and gradually develop the habit of reading over a period of time, you will find your stress levels getting decelerated considerably.

5. Reading is great for mental stimulation:

If you feel like you have time to spare and nothing constructive to do, keep your mind stimulated by reading books on various genres. Reading brings with it so many positive changes in our overall lifestyle, outlook and stimulates our mind as well. Have you ever been lost in an island of vivid imagination while reading a storybook?

6. Reading improves your focus and concentration:

Reading books makes you focused, improves your concentration as well your the ability to give attention to detail. This is especially true when you are reading a piece of writing that consists of several characters, or even in cases, a single character who has many layers to his/her personality.

7. Reading increases your empathy:

When you read an article about a public figure or a story where the central character goes through a lot, you might feel empathetic towards them, it is the writing that makes you feel like you are someone who can empathize with their journey.

8. Reading alleviates depression:

Reading self-help and spiritual books often helps in getting rid of depression. When you feel stronger than before and capable enough to rely on yourself, you can surely take on anyone who comes your way and go about the journey of life like a winner.

9. Reading aids in a good night’s sleep:

When you read books every day, you will feel your head brimming with information and you will feel the need to retire in time and sleep in a sufficient amount. Reading is clearly, a positive lifestyle change that numerous people adapt in their day-to-day lives.

10. Reading helps you write better:

Writers take up countless references before they take up a new project or write something new. They read an enormous number of books only to sharpen their own writing caliber and make themselves better by boosting their writing skills.

11. Reading lengthens your lifespan:

Studies conducted by scientists and researchers over time have suggested that reading books may be directly correlated with a lengthened lifespan.

To conclude, reading is a habit that everyone should grow – it shouldn’t be limited to just being a pastime. Tips to gradually develop a reading habit and the benefits of reading have been discussed above. We hope this article helps!

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11 Benefits Of Reading Every Day