21 Fun Things to Do With Friends When You Have Less Money

21 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Friends When You Have Less Money

Spending time with friends is always a great prospect and you certainly don’t require any money when it comes to hanging out with friends. However, if you and your friends are keen on visiting clubs, bars or pubs together – chances are that it will come with a pocket pinch. The same goes for going out to eat out in eateries. If you are running short on cash at the moment and are wondering what to do, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Here are 21 fun activities you can do with your friends even when you have less money.

1. Organize a potluck lunch/dinner party: When you don’t have enough cash to buy supplies, organize a potluck lunch/dinner party inviting your friends for the same. Everyone participating must bring some food items from home. You can also prepare some dishes taking help from your friends.

2. Organize an Iron Chef Night: Plan and host an Iron Chef night at your home where there is one rule: no buying stuff from outside – you gotta cook with what you have in your pantry. Get your friends to help you get innovative with dish choices and whip up something special in no time!

3. A movie marathon at home: Browse through Netflix or Amazon Prime and choose movies of each of your likings. Get some chips and snacks for everyone and have a movie marathon at your place, in the company of your friends.

4. Spend the day in a park: Go to any of the parks in town and spend a day there in the company of your friends. Play the games meant for children and embrace your inner child for a few hours with your favorite people by your side!

5. Have a yard sale: Organize a yard sale taking help from your friends and make some money which you can spend for trips/outings together later. Sell off all those items from your house which you no longer require, and encourage your friends to do the same to get some easy cash in hand.

6. Get creative together: Participate in some creative activities that bring you together – be it arts and crafts, going to a concert together, or something else. Creative work is something that binds people from all walks of life in the same space – you and your friends will certainly have an enriching experience together.

7. Volunteer at different organizations together: Go to different NGOs and non-profit organizations to volunteer and be of service together with your friends. Trust us, the experience will be a life-changing one.

8. Start a club of your own: Get together with your friends and start a Club together -be it a book club, cooking club, or any other club of your choice.

9. Play board games together: Play board games like Carrom, Billiards, Monopoly, and others and pass your time with friends.

10. Have a video game tournament: You must surely have some friends who are proud video game enthusiasts, always on the lookout for anything new that comes out in the video game scene. Even if you are someone who is not that keen on playing video games, take out the time to play some video games with your friends on a couch at home. Soon, you will find yourself playing one video game tournament after another.

11. Watch school plays together: The entry for school plays might be chargeable in some cases, but it is definitely worth it since you get to witness young kids performing and relive your school days with your friends by your side.

12. Go fishing: Get yourselves some fishing equipment and go out to a nearby lake or river where you can catch some fish for hours during the day.

13. Go camping someplace: Nothing can be better than going out camping with friends in the lap of nature for a few days. Bring all the necessary supplies with you in a sufficient amount. Try to bring as much stuff from home as possible to cut down on the cost.

14. Try out hiking in some cool trails around town: Hiking is an experience you should have, especially if you haven’t hiked before. Go out hiking with your friends in suitable areas around town.

15. Go for bike rides together: Nothing is more fun than going for a bike ride with your group of friends. Make sure that you do not Overspeed or break traffic rules on the road though.

16. Swap movies and music: Go through the collection of DVDs containing old movies and music at your home, tell your friends to do the same – you can then swap movies and music with each other as per your likings.

17. Go on a walking tour in town: Take help from Google Maps and go out with your friends on a walking tour in town. Visit all places without discrimination- starting from a buzzing market to a quiet cemetery.

18. Go to the local museum or zoo: If you are someone who is always keen on exploring new things, visiting the local museum or zoo with friends is a good idea. Every time you visit, you can view the latest arrivals at these places where there is a rich and diverse collection of artifacts and wildlife (respectively).

19. Go for free workshops together: Attend free workshops and classes with your friends and get to know more about the skills that you may be able to take up in near future.

20. Go for Open Mic Night: Open Mic Nights are often free events that look to promote local talent – go for these events and enjoy a vibrant ambiance in the company of your friends.

21. Attend Religious Service: Regardless of whether you are a spiritual person or not, attending Church and Religious Service with your friends and their families will certainly prove to be a unique experience for you.

Money is certainly important, and it is good to have some extra money with you at all times. However, it’s okay even if you don’t – as long as you are willing to work on yourself and remain in the company of friends who are well-wishers and continue to support you. We hope this article helps you!

Let us know if you have any idea on more fun things to do with friends.

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