“I have no friends”. Things To Know If You Feel The Same

I have no friends

“ I have no friends”, is the only thing you think about all the time. You are stressing yourself on the fact that you have no friends. But that might not be true!

It could be because you live alone or you might be too shy to make friends. Whatever it is, do not feel low about it or pressurize yourself to make friends.
You might be thinking what on earth is happening to you? Everyone has their friends and even groups of them, but don’t have just one?

Well, we are here to help.
In this article we will discuss the most common myths and questions about not having a friend., and how can you solve this issue.

Do not rush while reading. Read between the lines. Have patience and take a deep breath.
Here you go.

Is it your loneliness or shyness?

Loneliness is a signal that your body generates when you’re not experiencing any social connection. It signals to you that the need for social connection is as vital as eating and drinking.
You might get it wrong. It’s due to your misconception that you are stuck in it for no reason. Maybe you don’t have anyone with whom you can discuss everything out.

Shyness, on the other hand, is the fear of social judgment. If you are being shy, you are stopping yourself from something that might happen and you are unsure of it.
If you are misunderstanding shyness for loneliness, try to realize that. Self-realization is important for such matters.

Do you really have no friends? A self-realization

Ask yourself. Look around yourself. Don’t you have any social mates to look up to? Or is it your mind sending pretenses to you.
Saying “I have no friends” won’t be of any help other than some stressful situations.
You need to be brutally honest, to let yourself see that is true.

Is having no friends a bad thing?

For some of us, the realization that we have no friends doesn’t arise from a single issue. Rather it comes after months or years of feelings of loneliness and neglect.
It might come from innumerable weekends of energy to do something entertaining and enjoyable, but not knowing whom to summon or request. Spending unending nights of staring at the screen attempting to start a discussion with an old buddy, only to get no answers from them.

Things that might be coming in between

Is it because of others or is it you, that you have no friends?
The following things might be coming in between you and your friendship goals, that you need to think of right now.

  • Disabilities: Your physical, mental, and psychical troubles are holding you back from participating in the world like most people like you.
    Your insecurities: You feel a lack of self-confidence and security to offer enough to be a good friend.
  • Zero experience: You have never tried out your social skills and now that you want to, you are scared of failing at it.
  • Your nature: You might have a rough exterior and is naturally uncomfortable around new people. But you want to have them as friends. This is creating a conflict in you.
  • Struggle in communicating: Your plans do not suit how other people perceive them. You do not know how to relate well, making people doubtful about you.
  • Preference: The ones that you want to have a friendship with are least bothered. And the ones that you don’t prefer to tries to mix with you. Thus you have a tendency to roll back from them.
  • No time: You might be a very busy person, or you don’t have the time to build bonds that others admire.

5 Ways you can make new friends

So here are the effective ways you can have friends in your life.

1. Try to understand people:

The very first rule of any friendship is understanding them. If you don’t know what they want, or what they like and hate, then how would you be their friend. Help them when they need it. Maybe this would spark up some friendship goals.

2. Smile and be expressive:

Expressive, and not over-expressive. Don’t let people get false notions about you.
If you fail to smile while talking, others might think that you aren’t interested in talking (which you aren’t) and would retort back.

3. Stick to the moment:

Don’t overthink. Do what feels right. Do what makes you happy and look forward to your aspirations.

4. Make your passion a source of making friends:

Be friends with people who share common interests as you do. You will be amazed to find that there are numerous people out there who are in search of a friend, a company that can share a common point of interest. You might be good at gaming, then search for people at your institute, office, or next door, who are gamers too.

5. Look beyond the barriers of age, race, class, and gender:

People from anywhere could be a friend. Don’t set your limits to only persons from your gender, class, race, or age. If you are an adult, you might try for someone of younger age or someone grown-up. Neither of these matters.

What actually matters is the strong will to grow yourself and have someone or some people to share your feelings with.

You are not alone

You might think that if others can have a good friend, then why not you?
The sad truth is that many people are alone and feeling the effects of that loneliness on a daily basis.

Making friends is not a magical technique. It is a learned art. Most of us learned how to make friends when we were small, but many of us need to learn the new skill of making friends as grown-ups.
If you feel like you are bonding with somebody, reach them once or twice in a social place. If all goes well, you should meet up with them regularly to strengthen your bond.
Now go have fun.


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