How To Care For An Introvert? 10 Ways To Care For Introverts

How To Care For An Introvert

Life is not easy for an introverted person because they are often misunderstood because of their calm and timid nature. If you have an introvert in your life, you should understand how important it is to care for them.

Introverts are not like extroverts because they do not thrive in social settings. Rather they feel exhausted after socializing for a long time. These people like to spend time alone or with a few friends they are close to. It is because of this nature that people misunderstand them.

Introversion is a characteristic trait and people who fall in this category cannot change it. They are born this way and people should accept them the way they are.

Extroverted people often don’t understand the needs of an introverted person because they think differently. This happens because of the neurotransmitter dopamine and the way a personality reacts to it.

As an extrovert, you should take the time to understand an introverted person. If you are wondering “how to care for an introvert?” We have some tips for you.

10 ways to care for an introvert

1. Don’t Call Them Shy

Many people think that introverts are shy or antisocial, but that’s not true. They can be very good friends if you try to know them personally. They love spending time with friends like others do, but prefer to keep their circle small. They don’t have many friends, but they are very open with people they are close to. So, if you call an introvert shy, you are insulting them.

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2. Text More and Call Less

If you have an introverted friend, this is a very important tip for you. When you message an introverted person, they reply instantly. But if you call them too many times, they feel uncomfortable. This is because they prefer texting over calling and an extrovert should respect that. If your friend asks you not to call them too many times, you should listen to them. They do it not because they don’t like you, but because they don’t feel comfortable.

3. Don’t Force Them To Socialise

If you want to care for your introverted friend, you should stop forcing them to socialize. These people are not fans of parties, crowded places, or social gatherings and will do everything to avoid such settings. It makes them feel uncomfortable and exhausted. Even if they socialize, they need time for themselves to recharge after that.

4. Tell Them About Any Changes In Advance

It takes a lot for an introvert to be among people and therefore, they need to prepare themselves for social interactions. If there are any changes in the plan, it is better to tell them about it in advance. This gives them the time to prepare themselves physically and mentally. This may not be important for you, but it is for them. If you care for your introverted friend, you should try to understand their situation.

5. Give Them Privacy

Privacy is important for every person, especially for introverts. It takes time for an introvert to open up and when they do, they expect others to give them privacy. They mostly keep things to themselves and dislike oversharing their feelings and thoughts with others. However, if they trust a person and consider them close, they may share a few things with them. If you are that person, you should respect their privacy.

6. Avoid Small Talks

Introverts don’t enjoy small talk and dislike talking about things they are not interested in. To engage an introvert in a conversation, you should find a shared interest. It can be anything – movies, food, places, etc. If you are friends with an introvert, try to find things you have in common with them. This is a good way to get close to an introvert, but make sure you don’t overdo things.

7. Don’t Force Them To Talk

Sometimes, introverts need to spend time alone and don’t like people bothering them. They do this to clear their minds and recharge their body. During this time, you should leave them alone and let them have their me-time. Once they feel good, they will come to you on their own. There’s no need for you to force them or do anything extra.

8. Don’t Treat Them As If They Are Depressed

Some people think that introversion is a sign of depression, but they are wrong. Introverted people are naturally quiet and don’t like spending too much time around others. This doesn’t make them depressed or bad people. They like to be on their own and socialize when they feel. Just because introverts are different from others, you shouldn’t think they are depressed. It’s in their nature and they are born with it.

9. Stop Asking Why They Are Quiet

People who are introverts by nature talk less. Even when they are with friends, they are never the ones to start the conversation. It’s just the way they are and you shouldn’t try to change it. They feel annoyed when people ask them why they are quiet. You should stop asking this question if you don’t want to hurt or make your friend angry. They talk when they want to and who they want to.

10. Don’t Try To Change Them

You should never try to change your introverted friend into an extrovert. Instead, you should accept them the way they are. Introverts are not boring once you know them personally. The only thing is they don’t show or express themselves like extroverts do. If you choose to be friends with an introvert, make sure to let them be. If they feel you are trying to change them, they may leave you.

Millions of people are introverts and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is a personality trait a person is born with and they cannot change it even if they want to. Introverts are great friends and partners. There’s something special about them that makes them attractive to other people. If you are lucky to have an introvert in your life, you should care for them and treat them nicely.

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