9 Possible Signs You Have a Low Sense of Self-worth

9 Possible Signs You Have a Low Sense of Self-worth
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There are times when we feel downcast and less appreciative of ourselves. We start showing signs that prove that we are dropping low in self-esteem.
You are never sure of the facts that you say and start asking yourself.

Though it’s completely normal to be skeptical sometimes, that we don’t commit mistakes, but that’s not for every time. You constantly try to cast yourself, like someone else wants you to be.

Knowing our self-worth is so important to our lives that it even controls the well-being of an individual. We don’t give attention to these issues but trust me if you are dealing with such a problem, you should promptly do something.

Having self-esteem doesn’t mean that you have to be selfish and self-centered. It’s about having faith in yourself and knowing what you say is true. Do not hopelessly always listen to what others say about you. It’s your life and no matter what, you have to rely on yourself.
Your worth is the most precious thing that you possess, and being reluctant to it, will only add up in your suffering.

But before anything, you need to know the signs that will prove your lack of low sense of self-worth and where you might be going wrong.

Signs that explain you have a low sense of self-worth:

1. You don’t trust your capabilities:

If you are never self-satisfied and lament over things you do, you don’t trust your real worth. You don’t even understand why you do, what you do. Negative thoughts always float in your mind. You think you can do nothing perfectly as others can. Fear takes over you when you have to decide something of bulk. You think that you’ll fail others.

Our suggestion: Stay away from negative minded people. Admire yourself and your capabilities. You are just perfect. Stop bothering. Everything is fine.

2. You compare yourselves to others:

This is one of the key factors to look for a lack of self-worth. This may look quite natural to keep on comparing your things or thoughts to others. We do that when we are unsure of our quality and true value.
Even, you feel bothered and envious of anyone superior to you, because according to you, that is lessening your worth in others.

Our suggestion: Be confident of yourself and do not doubt your integrity while comparing. Comparing is good, but only when it comes to knowledge.

3. You make constant efforts to please others:

To people, you are the social pleaser. Without bothering about your wishes and demands, you keep on making efforts to promote others. It might be because you don’t admire yourself and acknowledge others’ demands above yours. Thus you start thinking of yourself as inferior to others.

Our suggestion: Try keeping yourself above others. If you don’t think about yourself, no one, I repeat, no one will do it for you.

4. You are afraid of giving your opinion in groups:

This happens to many people. Some don’t speak in public because they are least bothered, but for some, they aren’t sure about their opinion. That they might be wrong and would make a fool of themselves in the public. So they prefer being shut up.

Written by Alecia Bennett

I hold a master's degree with a clinical psychology specialization. Currently pursuing school counseling courses. I have attended various programs related to mental health issues. A person who takes a keen interest in writing anything about the human mind and behavior.

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