Twin Flame Silent Treatment: What To Do When Your Twin Flame Doesn’t Talk To You

Twin Flame Silent Treatment: What To Do When Your Twin Flame Doesn’t Talk To You

I’ve wanted to talk about the twin flame silent treatment for a while now. I keep saying no two twin flame journies are ever alike however after speaking to thousands of people at various stages there are some definite trends and at least one separation phase between both twin flames is so incredibly common.

What’s also common is for one or both twins to entirely cut communication. This (commonly known as twin flame silent treatment) happens for different reasons, has different solutions and… well, means different things.

The first thing to say (and perhaps the most important) is this does not mean you’re not on a twin flame journey together. It’s so common that, even recently, I covered your twin flame blocking you. It isn’t confirmation of anything and it doesn’t reflect on you or your twin. Sometimes, it’s just part of your path together.

Like most obstacles in the twin flame journey, there’s rarely a simple black and white answer here. If you’d like guidance on your journey, consider getting a twin flame reading.

What Is Twin Flame Silent Treatment?

 twin flames silent treatment

To put it simply it’s when one (or both) twin flames are ignoring the other in the 2D. They might make up a reason first or just go silent but they likely don’t know why they’re doing it themselves. Periods of silence happen between people all the time, it’s just even more noticeable when your twin flame doesn’t talk to you because we’re so used to being interconnected.

Remember that this (probably) isn’t the first lifetime you and your twin flame have met. You’ve likely gone through periods like this before but technology is making it all the more noticeable.

It can happen in person, online or (more common) both. It’s not a fun experience for either one of you (make sure you understand the twin flame runner’s perspective too) and can be emotionally and spiritually exhausting for both of you.

I know (from first-hand experience) it can be painful but it’s a very common part of the journey for many – if not most.

Why Does Twin Flame Silent Treatment Happen?

I know you don’t want to hear this (I don’t want to say it) but there’s no easy answer here.

At the root of most silent treatments, it comes down to soul shock. Your twin doesn’t understand their feelings, why they feel that way or the path you’re on together. They’ll try and fit it into their 2D understanding of how things should be and usually give you (and themselves) a half baked excuse as to why they’ve gone silent.

It’s important to remember at this stage that they’re not trying to hurt you. If anything they probably think they’re trying to save the both of you some pain because they’re just not ready yet.

In rarer cases, the twin flame runner might be far enough along the path to understanding exactly what’s going on and they’ll do it intentionally because they know you both have work to do apart for a while.

How Long Does it Last?

Another question with no exact answer. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have gone through periods of silence from their twin flame and it can range from minutes to months. In some cases, I’ve even heard of it taking years.

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Don't live in your head. you belong somewhere higher.

Don’t live in your head. you belong somewhere higher.

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