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10 Traits Of An Alpha Woman : How To Know If You Are One

10 Traits Of An Alpha Woman
Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

“Alpha Female” might be a term that is thrown around quite casually, but beware, this is a female you have to take seriously. Consider yourself warned. She turns heads and for reasons you are soon going to read.

On the downside some men find women with alpha traits to be intimidating. But who cares? An alpha woman is all set to make her own rules and live by them.

She is that woman, which every other women look up to and wonder “How would it be to be like her?” You must be wondering it too.

Here are 10 traits that you will resonate with, if you are, in fact, an alpha woman:

1. You love to lead

It’s quite natural that an alpha woman displays amazing prowess with leadership and knows exactly how to channel the energy and qualities that are both prominent and dormant in others. She is the one who knows the value of resources around her and works towards making the best use of these resources. The alpha woman knows the value of teamwork and keeps everyone occupied. She gives everyone the fair chance to hone their talent and skill set and rise to the challenge of proving themselves.

A research published on SAGE journal studied the traits of an alpha woman and found that alpha women naturally embrace leadership skills and can easily handle it.

In situations where others might be left confused and dumbfounded, you remain the constant source of inspiration for others because you happen to be the one who always rise to the challenge. This makes you the go-to person for anything to get done fast, smoothly and efficiently.

Like a typical alpha woman, you are the inspiration of your coworkers and subordinates alike. 

2. You are confident of what you bring to the table

You inherent confidence truly makes you a rising star, and you do not brag or show off how much you have or how much you are capable of doing through your sole efforts.

An alpha woman is a team player and gives everyone a helping hand whenever they need it. She exudes confidence wherever she goes and gives others confidence as well whenever they lack it. Her aura makes everyone feel that she is one-of-a-kind, dependable person, which she truly is.

3. You are set to conquer the world

It’s only but natural that the alpha woman will have a lot of ambitions, she is anyway regarded as a driving force by people around her.

You have the strength to bring your ambitions to fruition just by your sheer determination, consistency, dedication and motivation. Giving up? You know not what that is. You face challenge and hurdles with your resilience and emerge out triumphant, every single time. 

4. You have high emotional intelligence 

How do you know if you have high emotional intelligence or not? The following traits as exhibited by an alpha woman, who quite naturally, possesses a high level of emotional intelligence:

  • Your emotional strength: You know the harsh truths of life and the ways of the world. Probably you have learned them from a very young age. You are capable of handling your emotions very well.An alpha woman‘s personal and other issues usually have zero impact on her professional life. Her experiences in the past have made her emotionally strong, reliable and dependable.
  • Your ability to emotionally influence other people: You are well aware of the power of positivity and influence people working around you for the better. This makes you and everyone around you receive a great boost in their overall productivity.  

Leadership consultant and licensed doctor Gabriela Cora says,

An alpha who has trained herself—yes, even alphas can be trained—to be more flexible, inclusive, and collaborative will be wise to choose when to be more direct and dominant, as compared to when to be more cooperative and open to alternatives.

If you exhibit any of the aforementioned traits, chances are that you possess a high level of emotional intelligence and are not afraid in any way. You make the tough choices without hesitation, keeping in mind long term goals to be achieved.

5. You do not seek attention, attention seeks you

She has enough maturity to realize that fame, attention is all short-lasting and can go away at any moment. You know what respect tastes like, and you adhere to preserving your self-respect over losing it.

Written by Alecia Bennett

I hold a master's degree with a clinical psychology specialization. Currently pursuing school counseling courses. I have attended various programs related to mental health issues. A person who takes a keen interest in writing anything about the human mind and behavior.

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