14 Things To Do On This Mental Health Day

14 Things To Do On This Mental Health Day

Mental health is an issue not many people take seriously enough. However, mental health problems, if taken notice of, need to be attended to immediately. Our mental health is as important as physical health to us, if not more. When our mind coordinates with our body, only then we can perform to our fullest and deliver more – be it either our personal or professional lives.

Keeping our mental health in check simply allows us to live life better – in a much more productive and efficient way. It is important to be aware of how we think, how we behave, how we treat ourselves and other human beings. In other words, it is important that we practice mindfulness and show the same through our actions and activities.

Why is Mental Health Day celebrated?

Mental health day celebrates raising awareness of mental health issues.

On this World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2021, you can try out the following things and celebrate the importance of mental health for your own peace and well-being to complete.

1. Take the day off:

Nothing can be more relaxing and rejuvenating than having the complete day to yourself when you are free from the bounds of work-life and are able to focus on yourself. It can be a refreshing change from the daily monotonous routine when you realize that you are free to do anything and everything, for an entire day without dealing with the stress of work.

2. Read a book:

It has been rightly said that books are our best friends. Mostly we remain too overburdened with our day-to-day responsibilities to even focus on reading books. When you take a day off, you have the freedom to choose any book that you like and go about reading it and finishing it, if possible. Reading a complete book is indeed a marvelous pastime and will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

3. Watch a movie:

Watching a movie of your preferred genre can make you happy and content. Ask your family to give you company, otherwise invite your friends or better half over for movie night.

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4. Talk to people:

Stress and anxiety can make us keep to ourselves and completely shut other people out of our personal lives. But keeping things to oneself can eventually lead us to be prone to emotional outbursts and can open up a can of worms. It is important that we refrain from keeping to ourselves and open up to other people, even if it is a slow and gradual process. Talking to people about the issues that we face in our day-to-day lives can help us go a long way. When you open up to your friends and family about what is bothering you, they may help you find a solution, and opening up to them will help you relax as well.

5. Eat and drink well:

Take good care of yourself each and every day, eat and drink sufficiently so that the temple of your body is never deprived of energy. It is necessary to practice self-care and self-love in order to be successful in life, and eating and keeping hydrated consistently does seem like a good idea.

6. Pursue your hobbies:

Pursuing one’s hobbies are one of the best ways for recreation that one can possibly find. Sing, dance, draw, paint, make new music – whichever be your hobby, make sure that you spend some time pursuing it. You will feel better when you do something that you love.

7. Have enough sleep:

We often cut out sleep from our schedules due to work pressure. Do not do this. Losing out on the valuable 6 hours of sleep can be more detrimental to our health than we think and can give rise to several long-term illnesses which can be quite difficult to deal with. So, make sure that you sleep well and sufficient for maintaining your complete vitality, and being in the best state in terms of both physical and mental health.

8. Meditate and exercise:

Practicing meditation is very good for your mental health – it gives a sense of inner peace and calmness and achieves a feeling of completeness from within. When you meditate and exercise regularly, you will feel your lifestyle gradually take a turn for the better.

9. Prioritize:

Making your priorities clear has to be one of the top goals for you in order to sort out your life and move ahead in the right direction. Fix a definite amount of time for work, cut out your screen time, let go of social media – take a break from time to time. Make time for yourself and your well-being first before catering to other’s needs.

10. Change your perspective:

Taking a break will certainly help you get a look at things in a different way. Changing your perspective can make you go a long way in order to be happy and successful in life.

11. Accept yourself as you are:

Accepting yourself, flaws and all, is necessary in order to evolve. When you accept who you are, you will have more clarity about yourself and know exactly what you want out of life. Also, if you regret certain things that you have done, or ponder upon mistakes of the past – you will soon be able to let them go and relieve yourself from the burden of the past.

12. Love yourself:

Self-love is always important to have, no matter what. In whichever state and whatever situation you may find yourself in, there is one thing that you must never forget – that is to love yourself, more and more every day.

13. Have a self-care routine:

Jot down regularly all that you need to do in order to practice self-care. If you follow a self-care routine, it will definitely help you to ease things down in your daily life and give you much-needed relief from constant stress and anxiety which is very common in the present world.

14. Maintain a gratitude journal:

There are numerous benefits of practicing the science of gratitude that one can come across. Being grateful for all that we have right now can go a lot way when it comes to self-growth and inner peace. Maintain a gratitude journal and write down on a daily basis, if possible, a list of all that you are grateful for.

Taking care of your health – be it physical or mental health should be your first priority. If you are not practicing self-care and not having enough love for yourself, it is high time that you start doing so. Let this year’s Mental Health Day pave the way for you to lead a better, healthier lifestyle!

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14 Things To Do On This Mental Health Day