5 Initial Ways Your Intuition Is Telling You Something Important


Try to keep your ears sensitive to the little voice inside of you, your intuition. 

Have you ever felt that something somewhere is happening -good or bad or something that is just not right?

Or have you had a premonition that a particular day is going to be a horrible one for you? Perhaps, stepping out of your home, is not a nice plan for the day? Or that your dear one is in a problem and not sharing it to you?

This feeling of “something”, feeling negative around someone, without a reason, is your intuition trying to communicate with you.

Honestly, this feeling is not some illogical nonsense or anything that should be shrugged off or dismissed. Yes, we need to be practical too, but what if this intuition is for real ? Why would you feel this way if it doesn’t exist?

Let’s put it in a more simpler way now.

Intuition is nothing but your inner voice trying to give you a hint and tell you about the occurrence of an event in the near future. Intuition is a gut feeling, an instinct from within that lets you know how you are feeling beneath those layers of logic.

Francis P cholle’s views about intuition is that it “is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and the non conscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason.”  In fact, many researchers and scientists refer to intuition as the highest form of intelligence we possess.

So, if you want to know how you can follow this gut feeling, how to respond to it and how to be more aware and alert, here are the easiest 5 ways to discover what your intuition is telling you something:

1. A Restless feeling inside.


There is an alien feeling inside, weird and inexplicable. It’s inside you, in your mind and in your heart, also in your stomach may be. Your intuition is so strong that you physically feel it.

Some may experience a peaceful feeling within or some may feel hollow or vacuum in the  interior like a organ missing. Your intuition demands your attention and not your ignorance.

The intuition, also trying to give you hints when you’re feeling uneasy like you can’t focus, you can’t concentrate, a heaviness or a pressure in one or several parts of the body for instance a numb feet or an upset, grumbling or twisting stomach.

2. A confused state of being.

So, you really wanted this job, your dream job and you got through. Isn’t that the happiest gift to you? May be not! Because you have not been feeling much good about it. There is something not right about the job you wanted, because may be, you did not need it or may be you wanted to do a photography course, which has always been your passion, or maybe you wanted a break and some “me” time but you chose to grab the offer for money.

This intense muddled state of being, the feeling of ‘to be or not to be’ is actually giving you a clarity about the choice you made. Your intuition is trying to speak to you,maybe it’s telling you to take a break because jobs can wait!

3. Dreams galore.


Even though every dream has a different interpretation, sometimes you might have repetitive dreams with the same key themes to wake you up and take action.

Are you recently dreaming much more than usual? Maybe your subconscious mind is trying to hint you something you are completely missing out. All these dreams try to indicate is that you need to notice this little change and respond to it.

Sometimes you can dream about a past event, or a bad experience, a person who gave you bad memories or friends who cheated on you or an ex colleague who back-bitched about you – all these come to your dreams to either remind you of something or to make you aware of something.

Some common nightmares may include falling off from your bed, a spirit dragging you, someone chasing you or you screaming out for help but no one is coming forward.

That is the moment when your intuition is trying to inform you to be careful of such similar incidents or people who might be around you at present and trying to hamper your mental well being and spreading negativity in your life. 

4. Bodily sensations.


Your body responds to a lot of happenings and mishappenings in your surroundings. When you are in fear, your body shakes, shivers or feels cold, when you are nervous, you tap your feet or fidget your fingers (you don’t do that when comfortable).

The body never lies, it may not tell you what is happening but will tell you that something is happening. Sometimes, you will not even realize while sleeping you urinate, it may sound dirty but it is one of those ways your intuition is trying to tell you something.

Some may feel paralyzed or suddenly have piloerection on arms and feet, you might feel short of breath or feel suffocated. These happen when your intuition is trying to give it to your knowledge that a mishappening in future is going to break you down.

5. Weird behavior.

Suppose you feel hungry while at work and you want food that fills your tummy, but you end up ordering a cup of coffee instead. On occasions, you might start walking towards your home, but end up going to the wrong way instead. It is not merely your absence of mind, it is also your intuition trying to guide you to right direction.  

Or may be, you are with your family and it’s an amazing day out, you had been dying to spend this quality time with your family but you have been looking around and noticing every person, feeling paranoid that someone is keeping an eye on you and your people.

It may sound normal, but what is that bothering you exactly and not letting you have your time. That is all happening, because your intuition wants to tell you, yes you’re feeling right, do not ignore that unknown face around you or do not have that food, it might be harmful for you.

They say, “trust your intuitions”, because they mean it. It is one of your extra sense that is working for you, it is showing you more love, it is trying to save you from things that may hurt you badly, or it is just trying to tell you that it exists and you must listen to it.

Intuition is that vibe which may not be physically present, which you might not be able to logically describe but is playing a significant role in your life.

You are born with this ability, pay heed to it. 


Written by Alecia Bennett

Editor At UnravelBrainPower

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