How To Compliment A Man? 15 Best Compliments That Make Them Happy

Compliment A Man

How do you feel when someone says good things about you? Don’t you feel happy? Proud? Appreciated? Admired? Wanted?
The same goes for men too.

When did you last compliment a man? If you haven’t done it, then this is the time.
Men love to hear good things about them. They might not accept the fact that they get super happy when anyone talks about their personality and looks.

Do not speak too well to be true things. Say things that are possible and realistic.
Say things that could encourage and make them feel confident and have faith in themselves.

We all need a confidence boost from time to time. A sincere and true compliment can remind us of our good qualities.

We have listed the things to be kept in mind before complimenting a man and have his self-esteem rise.

Keep it Honest and Sincere:

False and fake compliments will not only make things worse.
Men know, when you are being true and when trying to impress them by saying things that they are not.
Do not joke or lie on the matters. Faking things have opposite effects.

Be sincere and honest while you compliment him. If you say the right thing while laughing, he might take it as a joke.

If someone tells you laughing or grinning that you are good in studies, won’t it look as if they are trying to joke about it?
Smile and just say it. Don’t exaggerate.

Keep it Specific:

If you say “You look good”, and “You look so Handsome”; which one of these will have a better impact on the person? The latter one.
When complimenting someone, try to be very specific about it.
Don’t feel embarrassed or shy to speak of things you want to. Give the man something to focus on. If you only say, how nice you look, he’ll never be sure what is it that you like the most in his looks.
So try to be on point.

Focus on his plus points:

A man always doesn’t want to hear compliments about his external affairs.
If you are close enough to them, you’ll know what are the things they are good at. It could be their personal quality, career goals, or thinking processes.

Comment on his talents and things that he is proud of.

Tell him how he makes you feel:

If the man is your partner or boyfriend, then you should consider telling him how he makes you feel when he’s around you.

Many men like to feel wanted and appreciated.
You might say, ” I love you”, ” You are meant for me”, “You make me feel….”

Here are some tips by which you can compliment a man in different ways:

Compliments about his looks:

  • You look so Handsome- It sparks up good talks and makes your man feel confident about his looks.
  • This color suits you- He comes to know in which color he looks best.
  • I love your smile- He would know what you like about him. Talking about smiling is a good way to express your feelings for someone.
  • Your hand fits perfectly in mine- He feels special and that you want him. This is a good way to get romantic with someone.
  • Just love your hairstyle! Best way to compliment a man so far. He would love it when you say that you like his hairstyle. Men are naturally more focused on their hairstyles than other things. So it’s a good approach.

Compliments about his persona:

  • Your words give me strength- This would give him a clear idea that you trust and have faith in him.
  • You are so motivated towards work- Definitely boosts his self-confidence and would help him think that he’s in the right direction. He would make every effort to keep up to the commitments.
  • You have such a big heart- This compliment will keep him motivated and remain firm on his actions. He might have done something good for people, and when you say such a thing to him, he would get encouragement for his work and will try to keep up to it.
  • You are the most generous person I know- Is he a giver in everything he does?
  • Your focus on your ambitions boosts me to work harder- Compliments like these help men to work harder and stay focused on their goals.

Compliments about his actions:

  • I’m so proud of you- He might have a good nature towards people and works hard for people. Saying this would help him understand what you feel about him and his actions. It’s a common complement. You may try it at the right time.
  • You give me so much love and respect- Express your feelings for what he gives and does to you. It would make him feel desired and special.
  • You are the best husband- If the man is your husband, make him know what he means to you. Appreciating a person’s importance is crucial when it comes to maintaining a good relationship.
  • I was amazed at how you solved it- Show him that you are so much pleased with his intelligence. He amazed you by his witty nature.
  • Wow, you are such a great cook! Every man wants good food, and when he himself is a great cook, what more can he want, other than people complimenting him for his talent. If you confront a man with such a quality do not forget to call him a great chef!

To praise a man is to underline his good points while blurring out the bad.

Only speaking of good things will not do. If you are his well-wisher, correct his wrongs and make him understand his value.

Make him feel great about himself.


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