9 Tips To Date An Extrovert Boy When You Are An Introvert Girl

9 Tips To Date An Extrovert Boy When You Are An Introvert Girl

People’s personality types differ, and when you are dating someone whose personality type is opposite to yours(it is rightly said that opposites attract), you may face certain relationship issues. Unless you are handy with conflict resolution and learn to come to terms with the differences in characteristics that you have with your partner, it is unlikely that you can make the relationship a long-lasting one. Therefore, it is important to know how your partner is as a person and be prepared to handle any situation that comes up during the course of the relationship.

When you are an introvert girl dating an extrovert boy, you will find there are certain areas where the two of you are absolutely poles apart, and you have to be accepting of these differences. When you are in a relationship with a person whose personality traits are completely opposite to yours, you have to find a way of balancing out these differences, which requires taking initiative on your part. As a couple where one partner is an introvert and the other one, an extrovert – there needs to be a balancing point between introversion and extroversion in order to find your own happy place. There is no tried and tested method for this – it can be achieved only through trial and error, and by communicating directly in an effective manner.

Why are introverts and extroverts attracted to each other in the first place, in spite of all of their differences? The answer probably lies in the universal truth that opposites attract, and on many occasions, it can be found that introverted and extroverted individuals really like each other and are attracted to each other very much. So, if you are an introverted girl who is dating an extroverted boy, and wants to make things work out in the relationship, here are a few tips that will come in handy for you.

1. Communicate effectively:

Effective communication is the first and foremost step to make things work properly in a relationship, this goes not only for our personal/romantic relationships but also for our professional relationships. While you are communicating with your partner, you have to discuss all of your differences in order to find a particular balance in the relationship – the point where you find yourself at ease. Only when you communicate with an individual effectively and directly, you would be able to make your relationship with the person a stable and lasting one.

2. Extroverts need to socialize in order to keep themselves energized:

What energizes an extrovert the most? Socializing, of course! However, as your extrovert boyfriend socializes with other people, you have to keep in mind that they are not putting other people above you – they are simply having fun, enjoying with people who are close to them. If they spend time with someone other than you at some point in time, it does not mean that they are avoiding hanging out with you. They have their own set of friends, with whom they need to chill from time to time in order to recharge and re-energize themselves. Having said that, your extroverted partner is not ignoring you when they are socializing with others. You are as important to them as those friends, which they clearly express from time to time.

3. Try to socialize from time to time:

Your extroverted partner is someone who is constantly socializing with a wide variety of people, and you cannot possibly keep a distance from his social circle at all times, so try, at times to take part in the conversations and socialize, even if it is occasionally. It will make you explore a different aspect of your personality and give you the ability to open up to new people.

4. Be honest about your feelings:

Making a relationship work is no easy task, it requires a lot of understanding and a lot of compromise between two people. When you are being open and honest about how you feel with your partner, you are automatically creating a bridge of trust between you and your partner – where you both feel safe and comfortable with each other.

5. Take initiative about planning dates:

A date night need not be planned only by your extroverted partner – who is automatically assumed to be responsible for the planning and execution of everything, simply because they happen to be the more outgoing one. Both partners should decide and plan, and put their efforts in organizing the date, in order to make it a successful one.

6. Don’t judge your partner anyhow:

You have your own specific, definitive characteristic traits – and so does your partner. Being an extrovert, your partner certainly has needs and wants – that is different from yours. That does not mean that you should judge them or see them in a negative light, rather you can accept them for being who they are and embrace their differences!

7. Try to understand your partner:

When you and your partner are poles apart in terms of your personality traits, you have to devote a certain amount of time in order to understand your partner and be comfortable in each other’s company. Take the effort to do the same.

8. Keep in mind that extroverts need alone time to recharge too:

Extroverts might be all-out energetic, fun-loving, and goofy during social occasions, but one thing that you have to keep in mind is that extroverts need alone time occasionally as well, in order to keep things in balance. During these time periods, the introvert or ambivert side of the extrovert comes out and you can relate to your partner more than ever.

9. Learn to compromise:

Trust, understanding, and compromise – all three are important when it comes to determining the longevity of the relationship. Only when you learn to compromise, you would be able to ensure that your relationship works out and lasts for long.

As an introvert girl dating a boy who is an extrovert, the best thing you can do for your relationship is to spend enough time with your partner, try to understand the person that they are, and come to an understanding regarding the activities you do together – for instance eating out, socializing with friends and so on. We hope this article proves to be helpful for you.


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9 Tips To Date An Extrovert Boy When You Are An Introvert Girl