11 Actionable Ways To Focus on Yourself

11 Actionable Ways To Focus on Yourself

Nowadays, we get easily wrapped up in our work, goals, and commitments to other people that we even ignore our own well-being. Out of a sense of obligation, dragging our feet over and over again can leave us feeling run down, depressed, and depersonalized.

Focusing on yourself doesn’t mean being selfish or self-indulgent. It is significant to keep growing as an individual. Workaholics and people pleasers are prone to stress-related breakdowns. On the contrary, those who actively seek self-awareness and follow their own joys are more likely to be resilient and content.

You can’t accomplish external success without learning how to focus on yourself.
Focusing on ourselves shows others that you deserve to be invested in. Along with helping in avoiding burnout, it brings joy and contentment to our lives. It shows others that you deserve to be invested in.

After getting the basics down, it’s time to get to the ways to focus on yourself. So, here are 5 tips on how to focus on yourself. Read on.

1. Designate time for yourself

Rather than hammering out work emails at home, or sparing precious free time to accomplish the desires of loved ones, it’s good to designate some free time for yourself.

Making specific time in your calendar for free time is the best way to relax. For instance, take time to meditate, hang out with a friend, or go shopping.

2. Reflect on what you’re ‘really’ seeking

Though this may look extremely basic, it’s daunting to discover what you want alone. You can do meditation, go for a walk, journaling or speak to a friend to get your mind going about what you want and need right now. Focusing on yourself implies knowing what you want and don’t want as it’s all part of the process.

3. Start with Basic Needs

If you are struggling to find specific goals, start with basic things such as waking up early in the morning, exercise, diet, and other basic lifestyle needs. You can start by taking enough sleep, having a good variety of food (including your favorite one), doing a 5-minute walk every morning. Follow these simple things and note the difference it makes.

4. Start with small and sustainable changes

After figuring out what you want to work on, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself with drastic changes forthwith. Initiate with small goals to set yourself up for success.

5. Practice Self-Love

“Self-love” may seem like a nostalgic notion that only long-haired hippies in tie-dyed shirts practice, but it’s literally something that can benefit everyone. Self-love involves being kind and compassionate to yourself, reducing negative self-talk, and making much of positive self-evaluation.

You can practice self-love by-

  • Take a break from work and give yourself time to recharge rather than pushing yourself to keep going and try harder to finish a task
  • Instead of criticizing yourself for failure, encourage yourself for giving your efforts to that work and give yourself a gentle reminder, “You gave your best, and you’ll do better next time.”
  • Hug yourself
  • Recognize when you need a break

The last one is necessary to maintain the balance between focusing on yourself and focusing on others. When you dedicate all of your energy to other people, you’ll be left with little for yourself. Looking inwardly to accomplish your own needs first will lead you to a much better position to support your loved ones.

6. Find a new Hobby

Trying new things is one of the best ways to grow and broaden your knowledge and experience. Also, it keeps you creative and energized. Take up a skill or hobby you’ve always wanted to try beyond your job. Otherwise, this defeats the objective of focusing on yourself. Learn whatever hobby you want to — make sure to focus on the learning and self-improvement that will come with it, not bothering about whether it will give a monetary benefit.

7. Learn to say No

‘Be a tequila shot’ if you want to please everyone. You must have heard this famous phrase. To work on yourself, you need to practice assertiveness especially if you tend to put others first. Following are the few ways to do so-

  • Sometimes say no instead of saying yes
  • Think of the circumstances and imagine where you will do for others and where you won’t
  • Turn your phone off if necessary, and give that time and effort to yourself.

If you are not willing to do something, say no. It’s your well-being that matters at the end of the day.

8. Don’t compare

Everyone is unique and different in their own selves. So, don’t compare yourself to others whether it’s digital or personal sense. On social media, people tend to do more – beware of getting trapped in that. Comparing yourself may make you feel a little envious of a particular friend who always looks happy. Rather than comparing yourself to others, look at what you already have. What gives you more happiness? What are you grateful for? Where would you like to be in 5 years?

Counting your blessings will make you more grateful for what you have and avoid you comparing yourself to others.

9. Take a break from social media

You’ll be startled to know how social media can impact your mental well-being if you’re not vigilant. To curb your social media time, you can set alarms or plan out a specific time when you don’t scroll at your feeds. Detaching yourself from social media will let you live in the present rather than what other people have an opinion about you.

10. Do more what you love

Pursue your passion and interests. Engaging in activities that motivate and gratify our innermost needs will help in avoiding burnout. You might watch movies or shows of your interest, write blogs or reviews, play your favorite sports, play the instrument or anything which you are fond of.

11. Keep Journal

Improving yourself will require you to stay in touch with what you want. Writing your thoughts and feelings helps you discover what you really feel and want. And this is what journaling provides. You can do journaling in varying forms which can help you in self-identification and self-care. Journaling on a regular basis can help you discover your inner voice that may otherwise go unheard in your day-to-day living.

Final Word-

Hopefully, this article has helped you to shed insight into focusing on yourself. Focusing on yourself doesn’t mean being self-centered. Taking care of ourselves consequently improves relationships with work and others as it enhances our general happiness and fulfillment. In fact, it lets you take care of your energy, goals, and needs adequately. Follow the ways to focus on yourself given in this article, be a more optimistic person to be around, and in turn will share more joy in your life.

If you have any tip on how to focus on yourself that has worked for you personally then share it in the comment section below.


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11 Actionable Ways To Focus on Yourself