9 Common Misconceptions About Lesbians And The Truth About Them

9 Common Misconceptions About Lesbians And The Truth About Them

Homosexuals are as deserving to be a part of society as heterosexuals. There is certainly nothing wrong with being a homosexual, they are as much valid as heterosexuals are. However, there is a certain group of people who brand homosexuals, see them in a negative light and presume things about them that are incorrect, to say the least.

When it comes to lesbians, more often than not, they find themselves bogged down by certain stereotypes that are annoying to deal with – usually they have to be confronted by these misconceptions on a daily basis. So here’s an article that brings to the table some clarity – some common misconceptions about lesbians and the actual truth about them:

1. Lesbians hate men:

No, lesbians do not harbor any kind of hatred in their hearts for men in the world – neither have they chosen to be lesbians because of possible “daddy issues” or sexual abuse by men or any kind of bad experience with men in the past. Being a lesbian has nothing to do with all of these- it is simply a matter of romantic and sexual orientation and personal preference.

2. One of the partners is the “guy” in the relationship:

While the masculine-feminine dynamic may occasionally be evident in lesbian relationships where one partner is butch and the other one is femme, there may not necessarily be a “guy” and a “girl” in the relationship. Hello, it is a lesbian relationship because there is no guy in the relationship!

3. Lesbians don’t wear lingerie or use makeup:

Being a lesbian does not mean that they get rid of femininity and completely transform into a man! Most lesbians are feminine in their thoughts, feelings, behavior, and choice of clothing – they do love sexy lingerie and experiment with different styles of makeup. Dressing up and wearing different kinds of makeup is about feeling good – and we all want that in our lives.

4. Being a lesbian is easier since they are dating the same gender:

Hello, people often don’t know or understand themselves well enough, how is it expected of us to understand our partner completely, regardless of whichever gender they are? While the grass may always seem to be greener on the other side, it is unlikely that being in a same-sex relationship makes handling it any easier. Working on a relationship involves engagement from both partners – both individuals need to contribute here. Only then, the relationship will prove to be a lasting and successful one. Gender doesn’t matter here.

5. Lesbians hit on every other woman they come across:

Lesbians are not creatures who are always on the lookout to hit on every other woman they find on the globe! It is an absolutely ridiculous concept to hit on each and every person one comes across. No one in their right mind would possibly hit on other people at a mass level – the same goes for lesbians.

6. Lesbianism is just about sex:

Some people have this extremely wrong notion that all lesbians do is engage in sexual activities – they might think that lesbians like to exhibit their sex life to all, making their sex life an open book, lacking privacy of any sort. Another huge misconception about lesbians is that they like to flirt with everyone and engage in sexual talk with every other lesbian. All of this is far from true -as a matter of fact, these are the farthest things from a lesbian woman’s mind. A lesbian relationship is just like any other relationship, with dignity and privacy being of utmost importance. And no, lesbians do not engage in sexual talk with all other lesbians – sometimes, they would just prefer being friends.

7. Lesbians are always up for threesomes:

Numerous men would (sadly) like to believe that lesbians are inviting them to have threesomes with them, which is not true. Lesbians often prefer serious, long-term, monogamous relationships, where even casual sex with a third person would be seriously out of bounds.

8. Lesbians always have open relationships:

In the LGBTQ community, polyamory and polysexuality is a well-known term, however, that being said, it does not necessarily mean that lesbians would always engage in relationships whose nature would be polyamorous. Sometimes, they want monogamy and be in relationships where the two partners are exclusively meant for each other.

9. Being a lesbian is just a phase:

Some people like to believe that lesbianism is just a phase for those engaged in lesbian relationships and they will get out of this “phase” soon. Being a lesbian might seem to be a temporary choice in the eyes of these people, who believe that the same-sex partners may just be having fun and not be seriously involved in any way possible. However, this is wrong, to say the least. There are people out there who are involved in serious, long-lasting lesbian relationships and being a lesbian is clearly anything but a “phase” to them.


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