8 Ways To Resolve Relationship Conflicts Without Hurting Each Other

8 Ways To Resolve Relationship Conflicts Without Hurting Each Other

When you are in a relationship, conflicts and disagreements with your partner are pretty common occurrences. Conflicts in relationships may or may not give rise to arguments, but one thing is for sure, conflicts never do your relationship any good. Therefore it is imperative that conflicts in relationships be resolved as early as possible.

You might be thinking, the perfect couple is the one who never has any conflict in their relationship. This is far from true. The truth is, there exists no perfect couple because when it comes to the real world, the “perfect couple” does not exist. To each their own, for everybody has flaws. Instead of a perfect couple, there may exist an ideal couple – who choose ideals and values over seeking perfection. The ideal couple knows that when conflicts arise, it is important that they sort things out together. The ideal couple is the one who knows how to resolve relationship conflicts without hurting each other. In order for you to do the same, you must have a few key points in mind, which have been discussed below.

1. TALK things out:

Communicating properly with your partner is essential in order to sort out any of the conflicts that may arise in the relationship. It is important that you do not keep to yourself when you face any issues in the relationship, or perhaps find your partner saying or doing something that you do not approve of. It is imperative that you let things out in the open, saying what you really feel. Only then, your partner will be able to know what is really bothering you and then, you two may be able to sort out the problems that you two are currently facing.

2. LISTEN to your partner:

While speaking up is important, it is equally important that you listen to your partner – listen to what they have to say. In case you don’t like what they say or do – you can point it out and wait for a reasonable explanation from your partner. Know what your partner has to say and what they expect from you. There might even be times when they realize their mistakes and apologize to you for the same. So, instead of being focused on yourself alone, you can shift your attention to your partner from time to time – be empathic and understanding of their thoughts and emotions as well. This will make your relationship a stronger and lasting one.

3. Direct your FOCUS:

If you inherently know what you want out of your relationship, a lot of conflict gets automatically resolved. Remember, your partner is someone you love – you do not want to lose them in order to simply win an argument. Make your priorities clear. When you are focused on building the relationship instead of breaking it, you will most definitely rise above all the issues that you face and make your relationship better.

4. TIMING is important:

Choose the timing of conflict resolution correctly. You do not want to disturb your partner whilst they are bogged down with loads of work or facing a lot of stress due to health issues, for instance. The same applies to you. It is necessary to have a definitive amount of self-love for yourself and practice self-care, as much as you can. If there is anything outside of the relationship that is bothering you, make sure that you sort those problems out first, before you address the issues in the relationship. Conflict resolution must always be done with a clear head and an open frame of mind. Do not let external factors affect your relationship in a detrimental way.


Conflict resolution may invariably lead to arguments. It is important to keep in mind, even while you fight, you must never say things in a fit of rage or disrespect your partner for that matter. Being kind and respectful to each and everyone around us in our society is imperative, and we must be even more considerate of our partners as well, for they are the person we love and have chosen to build a life with.

6. Learn to ACCEPT:

There might be certain annoying habits that your partner has, which you ABSOLUTELY despise and cannot tolerate. In situations like these, keep in mind that you might possess some habits that your partner has learned to put up with. Therefore, you must adjust to them in certain situations as well. Instead of fighting, you need to gradually accept them, the way they are.


The timing for conflict resolution is important. At the same time, you cannot choose to have a blind eye over the matter and continue to ignore your issues. Procrastination in conflict resolution may backfire in the case of your relationship because when both of you choose to ignore the issues that are bothering you, this will gradually give rise to latent, unresolved tension which will one day erupt in an ugly manner.

8. Don’t try to OVERPOWER:

While you are having an argument, don’t try to scream or shout at them in order to simply overpower them at that particular moment. Power play never brings any good when it comes to relationships – for they are built on two people’s mutual trust, communication, and the love that they share for each other. Therefore, you must communicate effectively without trying to overpower each other.

To conclude, conflict resolution is important when it comes to relationships – but we must learn to do so without hurting our better half in any way. The ways of proper conflict resolution have been discussed here. We hope they help you!

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8 Ways To Resolve Relationship Conflicts Without Hurting Each Other