The 7 Different Stages of Falling In Love

The 7 Different Stages of Falling In Love

Falling in love can be described as a beautiful experience, and when an individual falls in love with another, the experiences can be vivid, lasting, and will certainly leave you lingering with memories that last for a lifetime. While there is a certain comfort in realizing that you are falling in love with someone, the feeling can be anxiety-inducing and terrifying as well at times. Feelings of insecurity can emerge from time to time as well.

From time to time, it might seem that these feelings are getting the best of us, they can be greatly overwhelming at times indeed. We might feel helpless at times at the way and the extent we might be falling in love with someone. Of course, when we fall in love, there is this inevitable rush of hormones that we all experience.

There are various stages to falling in love that of course, happen successively in due course of time and these happen quite naturally to an individual. These stages come as gradual changes in your life and if you are fortunate enough to have your feelings reciprocated by the person you consider to be so special in your life, the journey of falling in love, and being in love that is lasting can seem to be one of the most blissful feelings ever.

Here are 7 Different Stages of Falling In Love

Stage 1: The Realization that you see the person as more than a friend:

Chances are that they might be your colleague or acquaintance at work, and gradually as you start developing feelings for them, you might weirdly find yourself questioning your self, “What in the world is happening with me?” And then one day, it strikes you, “Oh, I might be just falling for them!” And this feeling often comes like a jolt, and like a shock, the truth hits you as you realize what actually is happening.

Stage 2: You get preoccupied with their thoughts:

After the realization hits you that you like them, no matter how busy you are, you will suddenly find yourself caught off-guard, preoccupied with their thoughts, and daydreaming about them, almost constantly. Their mannerisms, their way of talking, the way they take a bite off of the pizza during the break, or how they accidentally spilled the coffee on the table- all these simple days to day activities they do seem to be cuter than ever before. You might even get a bit distracted from your own work and errands from a while while you reminisce about the object of your affection.

Stage 3: The Initial Awkwardness:

Suddenly, you might get all worked up about how you appear in front of them, you become more conscious about your dressing style and grooming, whether you are wearing perfume or not while you greet them with the semi-formal, friendly hug. And one thing to remember here for both of you, if the other person reciprocates your liking, you can certainly be sure of one thing – they are experiencing the same rush of emotions as you are deep within- and this totally explains the awkwardness that has arisen between you two.

Stage 4: You start spending more time with each other:

This is the quite obvious next step, given that now you have acknowledged the liking that you have for each other and want to get to know each other better by engaging in activities of shared interest, discussing things that are important and relevant to you both, and this will lead to you ultimately sharing a deeper bond – you become closer to each other emotionally, spiritually and of course physically. As you become physically intimate with each other, you discover new sides to each other’s personalities, and your affinity towards each other increases.

Stage 5: You experience a rush of different kinds of emotions on different levels:

This is likely to happen post you spend a considerable amount of time with each other. You might be thinking of what impression the other person has of you. You might indulge in mindless imaginative thoughts or fantasies for a while as well. You might find yourself engaging in a myriad of emotions like jealousy or possessiveness if you find out that either someone else is interested in them, or they are approaching someone else romantically. It can be difficult to digest these facts once you have covered a certain level of intimacy with that person and share a different degree of closeness with them now.

Stage 6: You contemplate:

Think things through, have conversations with yourselves as well as each other. You decide whether you will, or will not seek out a lasting relationship with this person if you want them to play a substantial role for you, and how it is going to affect your life in the future.

Stage 7: You seal the deal with a final union:

If all goes well, you will soon come to an agreement on how to take your relationship to the next level – preferably you both will come together in unison in the form of a committed relationship. This is the ultimate step in taking things forward in life and envisioning a future together.

To conclude, falling in love can be a truly wonderful experience, one that you can cherish for a lifetime. Make sure that you take your decisions wisely and be clear in your approach regarding what you want from your romantic interest. Love remains regarded widely as the strongest force in the world and the experience of falling in love is a blessing.

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The 7 Different Stages of Falling In Love
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The 7 Different Stages of Falling In Love

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