22 Homemade Outdoor And Indoor Halloween Decorations Ideas 2021

22 Outdoor And Indoor Halloween Decorations Ideas

Chances are you have already picked up that themed Halloween party costume along with lots of Youtube makeup tutorials.
But is getting out of ideas for the home decor ideas.
Well, don’t worry. We have it for you.

We have listed down the most trendy outdoor and indoor Halloween decorations this year.

The best outdoor and indoor Halloween decorations are-

You might get these Halloween decorations in any store, but the best part of decorating with them is actually how we make it. It’s fun to try out these DIY things, sometimes.

1. Halloween origami lights: If you are searching for some Halloween DIY home lighting decorations, here it is. Use orange paper and make them into any shape or like the one shown here and hang them on pegs. Put lights inside or around them for that ghastly look.

2. Gleaming eyes: Use unused rolls of toilet paper and cut them out in the shape of eyes just like here. Then hide them in your bushes, shrubs, trees, and watch as your glowing eyes scare your neighborhood.

3. Easy spooky living room: This is a tricky and time-saving decor idea. Take out white sheets from your cupboards and cover one of your rooms or the living room if possible for this look. Can you feel the eeriness from the picture? Try it out.
Pumpkin porch light covers The cheapest of all decorations. Pick up a few pumpkin pails, do a little bit of shape cutting, and bang! Fix them anywhere outdoor and scare your next-door-neighbor.

4. Eyeballs everywhere: Hang them on doors, windows, front doors, trees, and anywhere you think would fit the best. Draw them on hard paper cut them out and color the eyes with black. Do use a ladder to climb up the tree!

5. Wall spider web designs: Making them is much easier than you can think of. Cut them out with the help of scissors and paste them into web-like designs. Even real spiders might get confused!

6. Bloody handprint clings: A Halloween without bloody hands is just incomplete. Use Elmer’s glue and red food colors maybe. They’ll go perfectly for this look.
Hang them on your front doors to give that murderous vibe on Halloween.

7. Silhouetted lampshade, rats, and bats: This thing is my favorite. After making some orange spooky lights add some silhouette cuttings of bats and rats on your staircase and lampshades. This adds a gothic look to the overall thing.

8. Lighted spirit garland: This isn’t that spooky. Even quite adorable. Take some white fabric and small balls for the head. Cover white the fabric and tighten it around the neck. Use threads and tie them up to a string and hang them. Work is done. One of the best Halloween decorations you will find.

9. Monster face: Hang them in the entrance or the main door. It’s very simple to make as you can see. When someone enters your house, it would feel as if they are entering into a monster’s mouth!

10. Mask Wreath: This is very common among kids. Use a hard art paper and draw your favorite villain. Cut it out in the right shape and use elastic bands for putting them on.

11. Ghost Windsock: The funniest and easy garden ghosts you can find. Watch it’s DIY. The lightweight fabric will help in picking up the wind more, giving them a dancing illusion. Use a tin can for the head and paper cuttings for the flares. Make several of them and place them in a circle with the fabric corners tied.

12. Lantern Post Sign: To get into the theme party, make a lantern post with dialogs on it. Use a raven on top of it. Keep things simple, that would fit into the gothic scenario and Halloween.

13. Ghastly Halloween Cups: This is the easiest among all. Use tick on googly eyes on relatively dark-colored cups. Serve the guests in these cups and enjoy your Halloween afternoon.

14. Cameo Cookie Display: Keeping treats for the ghosts during Halloween is important. Display cameo cookies in a timber box charged with store-brought Spanish moss.

15. Hanging bats: Take some black craft and add fishing lines to it. Hang several of them in a tree for that eerie little bat territory in your front yard.

16. Glass pot lights: Adding a candle instantly makes up for a festive outlook. Take some jars and use paper and draw abstract lines on them. Match them with your Halloween theme and keep them aside in the corners. Add bulbs from the center and you are good to go.

17. Halloween Doormat: Use stencils for adding up some designs for the mat. You may reuse an old one by adding something in trend. Any design or paper cuts or something with markers. Surround it with a few pumpkins or jar lights from the one above.

18. Giant black spider: A giant spider can transform the whole look into something gothic and ghastly. It’s easy to make and fix. Use spray-painted styrofoam balls for the head. Add feathers with glue and go for hard paper for the limbs. Add some web designs in the background and attach the spider to it. Make single spiders of different spares and hag them in places where people might freak out. Fun right?

19. Frankenstein gate: No need to color the whole gate in green. Do not need to invest more than a buck. Get some green art papers and cut them out. Add horror graphics and glowy colors. It’s very unique and trendy. So try it out.

20. DIY eyeball cord lights: These are a super fun way of Halloween decorations. Get some small plastic white balls from the market and paint eyeballs on them. Take 5-6 balls for each bunch. Add lights. It would be fun to see these string lights on Halloween with your family.

21. Movable Mummies: They are so easy to make. Needs just 2 materials. Take any old dolls and wrap them up like mummies. Hang them on the doors. Mummies from Egypt are on their way!

22. Halloween window decoration: If you want something unique and easy to make, you might go for this DIY idea. Use shimmery paper and cut them out. Paste them on windows. Off your lights and get ready for the Halloween party.

Halloween home decorations can be tiring and get monotonous with every passing year for the parents. As it comes once a year, you have to make it special for your kids. Help them with their ideas and discover more.


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22 Outdoor And Indoor Halloween Decorations Ideas