Why Quit Social Media : 12 Benefits of Doing Social Media Detox

Why Quit Social Media : 12 Benefits of Doing Social Media Detox

“Offline is the new luxury”

Back at school, when being on social media wasn’t a trend, I used to crave to have a Twitter and Facebook account. But now when everyone has their Twitter, I have almost forgotten to use Twitter.

See the difference.
is quite a controversial topic to fuss around.
Whenever someone would say to quit it, others might come up with a bunch of ‘not quitting reasons. Thus everything gets neutralized.

We have come up with certain key points to focus on.
No one can convince you to quit media platforms at anyhow.
We will assert the facts, you have to pick.

Benefits of quitting social media

1. Help you save a colossal amount of time:

Young minds find certain attractive and non-interesting things on social media that affects their mind and ruins their valuable time. Along with useful things fake news wheels on these platforms. People get confused between right and wrong. The people who are posting, never take accountability for their actions. It is only enforceable if anyone writes harsh words about influencers. Common men have no such value here.

Quitting social media can help you focus more on hobbies that you love. It will help you mend your faults and help you bring more positivity around you

2. Help you differentiate between real and superficial people:

Not being able to connect face-to-face is a demerit. You will never get to know the person in real life. If they are fake, they could fraud you.
People must be careful while sharing secrets and personal information on social media as they never know, when could that be used against them.
Being less on social media will not only help you understand real people but also how to stay away from the unreal ones.

3. Less FOMO (fear of missing out):

Most are on media places to stay updated to every new upload. When you quit using social media, you get less FOMO and less bother about being refreshed all the time.

Less fear of FOMO will reduce social stress and willingness to stay updated even in times when it seems risky or much of an impossible task.

4. Fewer chances of reputation damage:

A wrong step can ruin your prestige on social media. Some people deliberately try to defame others.
If you ever fall in traps, report their accounts, and inform the IT cells immediately.

So if you are not on any social media, then automatically your chances of getting defamed will reduce to zero.

5. More positivity around you:

The negative news is much more entertained and well-received by people. We love to gossip. If everything is good and boring what should we chit-chat about? This is our intellect now. To gain more followers, people sow lies which get the most number of shares.

Getting out of a social network will save you from fake and negative impacts on you. You will find more reality and positivity in the offline world.

6. More secured privacy:

The unethical hackers are keeping a track of our move on social media. From online transactions to net banking, social media is a threat to our bank balance. A single swipe can withdraw all money and leave you penniless. Many people have been deceived by such frauds.

An offline world is the best choice to have more money security. You don’t have to worry about hacking and other traps.
If you are offline, you are safe from these dangers.

7. Real-world will provide you with precise knowledge:

Other than some priceless memes and inspiring stories, social media doesn’t add something valuable to our knowledge. Especially for the kids, who get enthralled at its idea, must be aware of its side effects. Though there is a minimum age for opening an account, children do enter the wrong date of birth and get access to the site. Parents need to have an eye on that.

Escaping social media is good for people searching for the right data. This way you will have access to only good things and things of importance.

8. It will reduce your addiction to screen time:

Too much using social media gives birth to “introverts”. People who used to go out for a hangout, are now sitting in the corner of the room and are online.
Don’t you think it makes them a loner and reluctant to step out?

Lesser the time you spend surfing the internet, the lesser the health impacts.

9. The offline world is a blessing:

Being online and offline has a BIG difference. The offline experience is much more real and there are a plethora of options to do. Whereas, being on social media terminates us from so many things to know.

10. It Uplifts Your Self-Esteem:

As negativity enrolls in the media, you have to digest them. Interacting with falsehood and cynicism. Living a fake world is saddening and people need to change their attitude towards it. Our happiness depends on some numbers and gets stressed when someone dislikes or comments anything bad on a photo.
Doesn’t it sound fake?

Not strolling around these hopes will give you enough time to think and grow yourself.

11. You get more time to sleep:

The amount of time you waste scrolling your screen can be spent much better. You can endorse those times in sleep and other leisure activities. Even one can spend self-time, which is very crucial for a healthy mind and body.

12. Help you realize who are your genuine friends:

The friends, without whose posts your day isn’t complete, are never a real friend. Some people assume that this guy is giving so many likes and comments on my posts, that could be a sign.
Just look! How unreal people manipulate your mind. One of the worst effects of social media is mind manipulation.
It will force you to buy things on offer (that you won’t buy without the offer), make you watch videos (that you don’t want to) for some money back, or like someone’s post (whom you don’t like at all) just because they like you back.

Once you stop scrolling through someone else’s opinions, you will start thinking about yours.

I know we can’t always say no to social media because many of our workplaces depend on them. There is a huge marketplace around these digital platforms.

But we have to keep in mind, how much to focus and on what.

Time is very limited. Don’t waste it repenting on one ‘not-so-perfect selfie.’

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Why Quit Social Media : 12 Benefits of Doing Social Media Detox