How To Celebrate International Men’s Day (Tips For Both Men And Women)

How To Celebrate International Men's Day (Tips For Both Men And Women)

International Men’s Day, an occasion celebrated on a global level, is coming up on 19th November. This day is commemorated worldwide as a day of putting forward a token of appreciation for all the men in our lives – starting from our fathers, boyfriends, husbands, sons, and other family members to our male teachers and co-workers. This day is also significant in the sense that it promotes better health for men and boys all around the globe, and promotes good relations, harmony, and equality among men and women in society. The theme for International Men’s Day 2022 is aptly titled, “Better relations between men and women.”

Why is International Men’s Day not celebrated?

Global statistics say that the suicide rate among men is greater than women – men are often stuck in a far greater dilemma compared to women because they feel like they are unable to express their emotions and feelings without the fear of getting mocked or ridiculed. Men who face domestic abuse and sexual violence are far less likely to receive any kind of help from anyone.

Men’s rights are being ignored all over the globe, resulting in International Men’s Day being ignored as a global occasion. In order to address all of the aforementioned issues, it is important that we give as much importance to International Men’s Day as International Women’s Day- it requires as much visibility. International Men’s Day is the day when all the contributions of the men in our society are celebrated, honoring their passion, dedication, and hard work. So, keep in mind the date, when International Men’s Day as an occasion is celebrated worldwide – 19th November!

How to celebrate International Men’s Day (for women)

The best way you can celebrate Men’s Day as a woman, and bring a smile to your man’s face. We bring to you a few simple tips on how to celebrate International Men’s Day as a woman:

1. Give them a compliment:

Very often it happens that we forget to compliment the men in our lives for the contributions they have made for the betterment of our lives. Start making a positive change by giving a compliment to your man, even for a very small thing they have done for you. It will make them feel special and appreciate you as the woman in their lives as well.

2. Write a letter to them:

On the special occasion of Men’s Day, write a letter to your better half, expressing your feelings towards them. Receiving a special handwritten letter, or even a handwritten note will definitely play a crucial role in uplifting your man’s mood and he will surely express his gratitude and love towards you.

3. Show that you appreciate them:

Appreciation for the man in your life is much-needed from time to time in order to build a loving, harmonious relationship and Men’s Day would be one of the perfect occasions for you to express your appreciation for him. One of the best and easiest ways for you to do so would be to suddenly surprise him with a kiss!

4. Cook for them:

Take the opportunity of International Men’s Day to prepare a delightful meal for men in your life and make them feel good.

5. Give them a small but meaningful gift:

A gift need not be something that is grand or over-the-top – it can be a simple, small yet meaningful gift commemorating International Men’s Day and appreciating the role of the men in your life.

6. Pamper them:

Pampering your man need not be something very drastic, it can be as simple as handing over the TV remote for a day, or doing their share of the daily household chores for a day. With a little initiative on your part, it can all work wonders!

7. Spend quality time with them:

On International Men’s Day, take the opportunity to spend maximum quality time with your partner. If you are indoors with your partner, take a shower with them. Go out on a date with them. Plan a vacation sometime soon.

How to celebrate International Men’s Day (for men)

#1. Focus on your mental health:

Your mental health matters – and if you are a man, more so, because men’s mental health issues are one of the most overlooked issues in society. Men are traditionally placed in more powerful positions than women in society – be it in the patriarchal family structure or in the typical workforce. This means that men are typically prone to much more stress compared to women in their day-to-day lives. Let International Men’s Day be the milestone for you to start something new and embark on a journey of complete physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

#2. Spend quality time with your partner and loved ones:

If you are someone who is usually busy and does not get much scope to spend time with your near and dear ones, make sure that you spare some time of the day for these people on International Men’s Day.

#3. Make donations/contributions:

Men’s rights and physical health issues like cancer, as well as men’s mental health issues remain as those areas which are usually ignored or overlooked. On the occasion of International Men’s Day, take out the time to make some donations and contribute in your own way, as a volunteer in organizations supporting this cause.

#4. Celebrate International Men’s Day as an event:

If you are part of an organization or workforce, raise awareness among your co-workers and celebrate International Men’s Day as an event. Invite your friends and family too!

#5. Raise awareness about social issues associated with men:

Men are often victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence, which goes unnoticed in the eyes of the authorities or even society. Men’s Day would provide you the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about the issues that are commonly faced by men.

Men’s Day is a day that marks the emergence of voices against men’s abuse and focuses on men’s rights and the correct treatment of men. Let us all join hands and make sure that men get proper treatment and justice for all the wrongs done to them for not just one day, but every single day of the year.


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