12 Subconscious Signs of Attraction in a Man

12 Subconscious Signs of Attraction in a Man


7. He remains in close physical proximity with you, whenever he can

This is one of the ways to communicate more, and that is something he seeks from you quite naturally.

8. He tries to touch you and looks for excuses to do the same

It can be something as simple as hand-holding or something a bit cozier. Either way, these are subtle hints that he is dropping, looking for the approval that he seeks from you.

9. His body language mirrors yours

This might again, not be a conscious attempt to emulate you or your demeanour but this is a common effect of spending a considerable amount of time together.

10. He behaves with you differently than with other girls

These might include simple gestures, like holding the door open for you when you are entering a room or getting down from a car, bringing you food when you are hungry, and need a friend.

11. He might sing songs, particularly of the romantic genre when around you

If he turns out to be a good singer, you can encourage him to pursue this more actively when in a casual or non-professional environment. It will be a treat for your ears as well and make you realize how much he cares for you.

12. He tries to make you feel comfortable

Whenever he senses something is wrong, or something is bugging you, he is the first one to come to your rescue. It’s totally adorable!

 Above described are some signs indicative of a man who likes you more than a friend. Hope you enjoyed reading!

12 Subconscious Signs of Attraction in a Man

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