31 Easy and Trendy Halloween Nail Art Ideas 2021

31 Easy and Trendy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

When Halloween is at your doorstep, you can’t keep yourself from ideating new ideas and the latest trends of the year.
You might not be the craziest Halloween party thrower, but you can go for the minimal.
Like, nails, hair, lips, accessories, and many others.
We have come up with easy and spooky Halloween nail art that is trendy and good to go.

Here are some of the best easy to make and trendy Halloween nail art ideas for this year 2021

1. Suicide Squad Nails: Have you watched the DC movie Suicide Squad? If yes, then these nails are going to be your favorite. Paint each of them on your nails and experience a spooky feeling.

2. Bloodthirsty: This is a great example of a classic vampire costume design. Take dark black and bright red for the mix. Pain them as shown. Wear black and red attire for the costume. And, you are good to join the Halloween party! A huge Twilight fan.

3. Black widow: Black widow got its name from the fact that it engulfs its male partner after mating. Creepy? To get yourself a spooky spider web nail, start with a shimmery stroke and then adding white lines to it. The shiny web-like design will pop up in the dark and give you the perfect Black Widow look.

4. IT nails: Who can forget the classic Stephen King’s Novel and screen adapted movie IT. IT has got a sequel too. The movie got such a spiny screenplay, that is enough to freak out the audience. To scare your friends, this Halloween gets a Pennywise painted on your nails.

5. Coffin nails: Shape the edges of your nails and brush them black. Once dry, apply a gold outline and detail at the center. Thus, your actual trending coffin nails are ready.

6. Black cat: I don’t understand why Black cats are considered so unlucky? It just got a skin color. They are considered a bad omen, but when it comes to painting them on nails, they look super cute. If you are an animal lover, black cat nails are just perfect for you.

7. Killer Knives: Watched the movie Halloween? To add a killer vibe to your Halloween costume, it is essential to have killer nails. I mean nails coated in silver and black.

8. Gliding Snake: To match up a Halloween costume nothing can be as a nightmare as a slithering snake. It makes for a chill nail design. First coat it with black and after it gets dried, paint a wavy design to give it a snake look. Finish it with a topcoat.

9. Moon phases: Paint each nail with different stages of a moon. To get the moon’s irregular texture, a scale erosion of water marbling can be tried.

10. Minimalist Moons: If you are into a minimal moon design, try this one. This will keep the overall look simple but inclined towards a Halloween vibe.

11. Whirling Ghost: Try mixing the marbling technique with a pumpkin hue for an abstract ghost vibe.

12. Geometric Candy Corn: It might be too bright for you or might not be your feast of choice, but its orange, yellow and white color can present you with an ecstatic, symbolic design like this.

13. Alternating Themes: If deciding on a Halloween patch on nails is confusing for you, try blending different characters on different nails.

14. Negative Ghosts: Adorable ghosts on your nails is typical for a Halloween party. Give it a clear base, then paint the ghost shape in leaving the half-moon of your nail bare. Then add other details to complete the look.

15. Beetle Juice Stripes: A stylish, sober, and ghastly vibe nail art. It will suit anyone from under-dressed to over-dressed costume themes.

16. Ombre Pumpkin: This color combo just feels right for Halloween. The solid pumpkin color blends with the vibe very easily.

17. Hallow’s Eye: If you are a budding Vinci, you might give this a try. It is drawn very carefully with fine lines. If you are a beginner at nail arts, ask for expert help.

18. The Little Mermaid: A sheer metallic polish along with some scales at the edge will give you this look. This is a cute and stylish nail idea that you can try.

19. Friendly Ghosts: This pink manicure ghost, upon careful observation, will prove that it’s not creepy. Girls who want to have a less creepy costume might go for this one.

20. Bride of Frankenstein: Film lovers will love these nails. Frankenstein and his bride are ready to give you chills.

21. Drippin’ in Red: Got bored of pink? Not any more. Try these dripping red shades of colors for your Halloween theme. Just make sure you give your nails lots of time to dry.

22. Ouija Board Nails: The planchet people, you are welcome. No, they won’t call any spirits but would make your friends go fussing about it.

23. Mystical Flame Nails: The orange and black nail tips are so backdated. Get the new lime green nails with ghostly flame outlines.

24. Great Gatsby Nails: Dive into the roaring twenties, when Gatsby was everyone’s favorite. Pain them with glittery black and gold nails.

25. Faux Talons: If the talons look is your favorite, then go for faux talon nails. It will not file your nails too sharp and give you that perfect creepy look to your nails.

26. Evil eye nails: Love evil eyes? Love their eeriness? Then try these evil eye nails for keeping eyes on everything extra.

27. Chevron nails: Go chevron with a nude base and candy corn colors that will pop out in the dark. Take the colors, white, orange, and yellow for display.

28. Nails that kill: If you wanna have nails to have a murderous vibe, go for this one. This is enough to give you the effect of some evil murderers chilling on your nails. Allot each nail for your favorite villains. Paint some of them in bright red for drawing more attention to the one’s less evil.

29. Smoke and Mirror Nails: Who doesn’t love to play mysterious? Glossy, dark along super mysterious nails are dreamy for a Halloween party. Trust me, everyone will ask you about such a fine design.

30. Lettered Nails: When you are paying tribute to your favorite Tv show or just want to passive-aggressively edge out your friends, work this Halloween set take on nail lettering.

31. Grinning Ghost Nails: Do you dream of adorable ghosts grinning at you? Then you would love this. Just look at their sweet little smiles! It will keep you dreaming about these tiny monsters.

Which nail art ideas did you like? Which of these is perfect for you?
Let us know in the comments.

Happy Halloween.

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31 Easy and Trendy Halloween Nail Art Ideas