10 Essential Tips For Dating An Introverted Man You Like

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6. Give him space.

The man who is an introvert will like you, and yet deliberately allow some space to remain between you both. This space is their comfort zone. If you are yourself an introvert, you already know the significance of solitude in a relationship.

Giving him space doesn’t mean he will misuse it, or manipulate your feelings with it or cheat on you.

It is on your part to let that space remain, and not invade into it. Well defined boundaries are of course, important and healthy for any relationship.

7. Do not completely abandon him.

If you are an introvert woman dating an introvert man, things might seem even trickier than usual because you have absolutely no idea how to break the ice, approach him and this remains a problem even after people get into serious, committed relationships.

Space is important, but getting distant is something different altogether which is best avoided. You can enjoy your solitude, and spend time with each other in some creative or other activities which interest you both.

Try striking a healthy balance between space and comfortable intimacy. Take care that he doesn’t feel suffocated, avoided, ignored and like a sidekick to your life. Even introverted men loves to be cuddled, pampered and showered with affection.

8. Keep introvert myths in mind.

You need to understand that the terms “introvert” and “extrovert” are used on a significantly broad scale and most of us fall somewhere in the middle of it.

We are all ambivalent, having some qualities of introversion and some of the extroversion. Keeping in mind this fact, you can actually take advantage of it and encourage the introvert man to come out of his cocoon and express himself effortlessly.

Do not judge him on the basis of established myths around introverts. He might be self absorbed but not selfish, he might seem lost but not careless, he might love solitude but he can go for dinner dates too, he might seem boring but who knows? You might help bring out his fun side!

9. Slow it down.

Remember that everything good takes time to happen, and cannot possibly happen overnight.

The man you are pursuing will take time to reciprocate, and once he starts communicating with you in full-fledged enthusiasm, you can see how interesting and dynamic he truly is.

10. Make him feel special.

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Invite him over to your place, make him meet your family members. Take him for a good walk in your backyard, send him songs to listen to, exchange ideas and suggest him good books to read (You gain a brownie point if you are a book worm!) and send him movies to watch.

He will feel like he belongs, and he might even do something similar for you in reciprocation.

To conclude, even though making the introvert man come out of his shell might prove to be a difficult task initially, however, as time passes, you will realize how rewarding it can be.

Make sure that there is a balance between communicating sufficiently and maintaining a healthy space whenever required.

Balance is the key.

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