Relationship Red Flags: 10 Types of Women to Avoid Dating

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The dating game is simple for men – they see a beautiful face and fall in love. In many cases, they don’t even think about the type of women they are dating because they are satisfied with a pretty face.

It’s okay to date a good-looking person, but it is also important to choose a good person. You cannot get into a relationship with just any beautiful girl you meet at a club, or restaurant. Dating the wrong person causes frustration and heartbreaks.

Do you get negative vibes from the girl you just started dating? If so, she is not the one for you. You can ignore your feelings all you want, but that’s an indication she is not a good person.

You can minimize the chances of heartbreak by choosing the right person to date. A good way to do this is to remove certain types of women from your dating list. Let’s learn more about this topic in the below post.

Types of Women to Avoid

1) A Girl Who Doesn’t Love You Back

Isn’t this an obvious thing that you shouldn’t waste your time loving a person who doesn’t love you back? Every romantic relationship consists of two people loving each other. If one person is not as involved as the other one then the relationship has no meaning.

If you are stuck with a person who doesn’t love you, it’s better to end such a relationship. It’s better to break your heart once than suffocate yourself in a bad relationship.

2) Women Who Are Gold Diggers

Some women are gold diggers and they are proud of it. These people will do anything to support their lavish lifestyle. They are always in search of rich men who can buy them good things every day.

Women who are gold diggers only love money and other expensive things. They don’t date for love but for money. Men should be aware of such ladies and stay away from them.

3) Girls Who Talk A Lot

Good communication between two people is indeed important to build a strong relationship. But honestly, no one likes a chatterbox and men should avoid dating girls who have this habit.

Some men may find this habit cute in the beginning, but in the long run, it becomes annoying. Instead, of putting yourself through this torture, it is better to find a partner who doesn’t over-communicate.

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4) An Overly Experienced Women

If a woman has had a lot of partners and is overly experienced, it’s a red flag. She may ditch men because she is bored and wants someone new for her entertainment.

If you don’t want to become her play toy, it is better to stay away from such women. There are plenty of fishes out there, so you better choose the right one for yourself.

5) Self-Centered Women

A person who is all about themselves can never give their 100% in a relationship. They make you feel you are alone in the relationship while they are busy pleasing themselves.

These people are selfish and self-centered. They don’t care about others, not even their partners. Being in a relationship with such a person means giving your all away to satisfy her. She will take all the benefits from you without giving anything in return.

6) The Drama Queen

No one likes a drama queen who believes that the world revolves around her. These people are annoying and dating them can be quite a task. Drama queens always find a way to make themselves the victim. They like being the center of attention and will do anything to have their way.

The problem with these people is that they are never held accountable for their mistakes. Instead, they blame you even for their faults. If you don’t want to torture yourself mentally, you should not date a drama queen.

7) Overly Insecure girls

Women are naturally more insecure than men and that’s why they always seek affirmations and compliments. This behavior is fine as long as it is in control. But if your partner is always fishing for compliments just to feel good about herself, it’s a problem.

No one wants a person who always talks negatively about themselves or doubts their self-worth. As a partner, you can assure them once or twice, but doing it regularly feels annoying. At some point you realize, they are taking advantage of your kindness.

8) The Feminist Kind

We don’t know how to talk about this without getting someone angry! Being a feminist is not a problem, but when you overdo it, it’s a red flag. Men love cute things for women like pulling out chairs, opening doors, and so on. But these things are not approved by a feminist.

A feminazi will try to prove that women should be treated equally and with respect. Even if you do things out of love, they may not believe you because they can’t see beyond feminism. If you don’t want your relationship to become a feminist warzone, you should stay away from such women.

9) The Material Girl

You can never be happy with a materialistic person and that’s a fact. They want you to buy gifts and pamper them every day. These people get into relationships so that they can feel special. In reality, they don’t love you because it’s all about money for them.
No matter what you do, it’s never enough for them. Staying with such a person can exhaust you mentally and financially.

10) The Fighter Cock

You want a relationship so that you can spend happy moments with your partner. But this is not possible if your girl is a fighter cock. People like them always look for a reason to fight.

You fell for her because she is good-looking, but she doesn’t give you peace. Every day with her is a struggle because she argues even for small things like you didn’t put the garbage bag out.

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So, these are the types of women you should avoid dating if you want a peaceful and loving relationship. A good woman will make you happy and shower you with love. She stays with you because she loves you, not your money.

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Types of Women to Avoid
Types of Women to stay away from